Tuesday, June 7, 2011

UC Irvine Chabad Rabbi's home vandalized

UC Irvine has long been identified as a hub of anti-Semitism. Todays despicable incident- an attack on the home of a beloved Chabad Rabbi- is just one incident in a pattern of attacks on Jewish students and Jewish interests regionally.

Official Statement from Chabad at UCI:

On Tuesday, May 31st at around 1:30pm a potted plant was thrown at the front window of the Chabad House at UCI. The home also serves as the residence of Rabbi and Mrs. Zevi Tenenbaum.

The object broke a glass panel of the front window. Thank G-d no one was hurt. The housekeeper was the only one home at the time. A police report was filed with the Irvine Police Department.

Rabbi Zevi and Miriam Tenenbaum regularly host UCI Students for Shabbat and Holiday Dinners at this location. There is a Menorah on display in the front patio.

At this point in time there are no leads as to who may have been the perpetrator.

Rabbi Zevi Tenenbaum
Chabad at UC Irvine


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i can't imagine how something like that might happen. after all, all the anti-Israel demonstrators are just peaceful activists right? i mean just look at these guys from S.F. last weekend:

Gary Fouse said...

Interesting that we have no comment from the OC Human Rights Commission, which has never acknowledged anti-Semitism at UCI and the OC Jewish Federation, which won't acknowledge the problem either.

Gary Fouse
Adj teacher