Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Just cleared for release: Israel took out Syrian nuclear facility in 2007

Destroyed Reactor
According to a special announcement from the Israeli Defense Forces, Operation "Outside the Box" destroyed a nuclear reactor in Deir ez-Zur, Syria in September 2007.

The IDF can clear for publication that in September 2007 IAF fighter jets destroyed a nuclear reactor that was being built in Syria.

The destruction of the nuclear reactor, known as Operation "Outside the Box", was carried out by IAF fighter jets following lengthy and complex intelligence and operational efforts and eliminated a nuclear threat against the State of Israel and the entire region.

Today it has been cleared for publication that during the night between September 5 and 6 2007, IAF fighter jets targeted and destroyed a nuclear reactor in advanced stages of construction in the Deir ez-Zor region, 450 kilometers north of Damascus.

Beginning late 2004, a vast intelligence effort including cooperation with security forces, provided a great deal of valuable information that ultimately led to the precise aerial attack. The IDF prepared for the destruction of the nuclear reactor with utmost precision whilst preparing for various scenarios and potential escalation.

The Chief of the General Staff at the time, Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi said with regards to destruction of the nuclear reactor: "As soon as the Prime Minister gave the IDF, under my command, the responsibility to destroy the nuclear reactor in Syria, it was clear to me that we must be prepared on the intelligence, operational and technological fronts in order to eliminate the nuclear threat against the State of Israel and the region while simultaneously taking the necessary steps to prevent an escalation to war; that if forced upon us – we will win a decisive victory!"

The Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot, who serves as the Commanding Officer of the Northern Command at the time of Operation "Outside the Box" recently said: "The message from the attack on the nuclear reactor in 2007 is that the State of Israel will not allow the establishment of capabilities that threaten Israel's existence. This was our message in 2007, this remains our message today and will continue to be our message in the near and distant future."

From Politico

The Syrian facility was almost identical to the Yongbyon nuclear complex in North Korea that produced plutonium for nuclear bombs, according to Israeli intelligence officials, and it was only weeks away from beginning to produce highly radioactive materials.

Deir ez-Zur was captured in 2014 by ISIS forces.  Israel's decisive intervention may  ultimately have prevented a nuclear- armed ISIS.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

SJP Santa Cruz advocates gun violence and armed resistance

While young people across the country are  mobilizing to condemn gun violence, Students for Justice in Palestine Santa Cruz are taking a different route.  This deeply disturbing post advocating for "armed resistance" recently appeared on the  Santa Cruz SJP chapter Facebook page.

Students for Justice in Palestine is not now, nor have they ever been, a peace group.

The UC Santa Barbara chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine has an identical posting on their Facebook page, indicating at the very least collusion between the campus chapters of the extremist group

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

American Support for Israel at all time high

Sorry, Alison Weir.   Americans do know, and a new Gallup poll shows record support for Israel.  74% of Americans view Israel mostly or very favorable.

After a decades long campaign of delegitimization and propaganda directed towards Israel, these results are reassuring.  Only 21% of American regard the Palestinian Authority favorable.

From Gallup: Americans remain staunchly in Israel's corner
...Americans' stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is as strongly pro-Israel as at any time in Gallup's three-decade trend. Sixty-four percent say their sympathies in the dispute lie more with the Israelis, tying the high previously recorded in 2013 and 1991.

Also reassuring is the decline the percentage in Americans who are undecided or neutral to 16%, the lowest to date. This implies that Americans are learning more about the conflict, and are solidifing their support for Israel.

Results for this Gallup poll are based on telephone interviews conducted in February 2018, with a random sample of 1,044 adults across America, aged 18 and older

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Open Promotion of Terrorist Organization at San Francisco State University

The PFLP is an internationally recognized terror group, responsible for terror attacks across the globe.
From the Global Security website:

  • July 22, 1968. PFLP hijacked its first plane, an El Al flight from Rome to Tel Aviv.
  • September 1970. PFLP hijacked three passenger planes and took them to airfields in Jordan, where the PLO was then based; after the planes were emptied, the hijackers blew them up. In response, King Hussein of Jordan decided that Palestinian radicals had gone too far and drove the PLO out of his kingdom.
  • 1972. PFLP and Japanese Red Army gunmen murdered two dozen passengers at Israel's international airport in Lod. Okudaira and two other Japanese radicals were trained and sent by the PFLP into Israel to perpetrate what is now called the Lod Airport massacre in May 1972. It is likely that the three men were not members of any well~established organization in Japan, but rather individuals who were motivated by the goals of the PFLP in combating Israel. PFLP spokesman in June 1972 readily admitted that the PFLP had trained and dispatched the Japanese terrorists on the Lod mission.
  • 1973. On 20 July 1973 a combined JRA-PFLP group hijacked a Japan Airlines (JAL) Boeing 747 as it departed Amsterdam's international airport. The aircraft was hijacked by five terrorists, who included both Palestinians and members of the leftist Japanese Red Army. 87 hours after the hijack began, the aircraft landed at Banghazi and was set on fire and ultimately destroyed. One of the hijackers was killed by her own grenade.
  • 1976. breaking a PLO agreement to end terrorism outside Israeli-held territory, PFLP members joined with West German radical leftists from the Baader-Meinhof Gang to hijack an Air France flight bound for Tel Aviv and landed the plane in Entebbe, Uganda. In a now famous raid, Israeli commandos stormed the plane on the Entebbe tarmac and freed the hostages.
  • October 2001. PFLP gunmen shot dead Iraeli Tourism minister Rechavam Ze'evi, in a Jerusalem hotel-the first assassination of an Israeli minister
  • April 2002, Israeli officials foiled a PFLP attempt to blow up a Tel Aviv skyscraper with a car bomb-which could have caused massive casualties and would have marked a dramatic escalation in Palestinian terrorism.
  • February 16, 2002 - Suicide bombing at Karnei Shomron pizzeria, in which three people were killed and 30 wounded.
  • May 19, 2002 - Suicide bombing at Netanya outdoor market, in which three people were killed and about 60 wounded.
  • June 20, 2002 - Terrorist infiltration of Itamar, in which five were killed - including a mother and her three sons - and eight wounded.
  • December 25, 2003 - Suicide bombing at the Geha junction, in which four people were killed and over 20 wounded.
Recently,  Palestinian associated with the PLFP terror group murdered 5 Rabbis with meat cleavers and axes as they prayed in Jerusalem on November 18 2014. A sixth victim, a Druze Israeli policeman was also killed.

The logo of the PFLP leaves no doubt of their goal-  the eventual takeover of all of Israel, from the "river to the sea"

Why is GUPS , the General Union of Palestinian Students at taxpayer supported San Francisco State University openly promoting this terrorist organization on their Facebook page?

Tikvah, the Zionist Group at UC Berkeley Fundraising for Victims of Syrian War.

According to the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria, as of this week:

  • The total number of victims documented by the Action Group is 3665, including 465 women
  • 1672 Palestinians are locked up behind Syrian government’s bars, 106 of which are women
  • Yarmouk refugee camp is under the Syrian regime army and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine’s siege for 1,691 days in a row
  • 205 refugees, mainly in Yarmouk Camp, have died due to lack of medical care and malnutrition
  • Water supplies have been cut off Deraa Camp for 1427 days, and 167 days in Yarmouk Camp
  • The Regime army has been in control of Handarat camp for more than 522 days. More than 80% of its buildings have been completely or partially destroyed.
  • Approximately 85 thousand Palestinian-Syrian refugees fled to Europe by the end of 2016
  • 31 thousand refugees are located in Lebanon
  • 17 thousand refugees are sheltered in Jordan
  • 6 thousand refugees are in Egypt
  • 8 thousand refugees are staying in Turkey
  • One thousand refugees are present in Gaza

Yet the "human rights groups" that claim to care about the Palestinian people are strangely and uncharateristically silent when they can't hold Israel responsible for their suffering.

Real, tangible help instead comes from the last place you'd expect it- from Israel, a nation officially in a state of war with Syria.  

For over four years, the Israeli Defence Forces has been helping injured Syrians who cross Israel’s northern border, and has been supplying Syrian civilians with food, fuel and household necessities.

From The IDF Operation Good Neighbor website

The IDF primarily provides 3 types of assistance as part of Operation Good Neighbor:
1. Medical –  Over 4,000 people have been brought to Israel to receive treatment, including hundreds of children. The IDF also transfers medicine, supplies, and equipment to Syrians across the border. An internationally managed field hospital has also been established at an Israeli outpost near the border.
2. Infrastructure – 450,000 liters of fuel have been transferred for heating, operating water wells, and ovens in bakeries. The IDF also transferred seven generators, water pipes to rebuild Syrian infrastructure, and equipment for a temporary school in the region.
3. Civilian aid – The IDF transferred 40 tons of flour to bakeries, 225 tons of food, 12,000 packages of baby formula, 1,800 packages of diapers, 12 tons of shoes, and 55 tons of cold weather clothing.
UC Berkeley's Tikvah Students for Israel is doing their part as well. On Monday, the Zionist  group will be fundraising  to help support Operation Good Neighbor.  Stop by and help them out.  Their table will be at Sproul Plaza from 11-2.

UPDATE:  Rain Date will be Friday, March 16.  See you there!