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Delegitimizing the American Flotilla

From the blog "Act for Israel"

"There are many reasons why the “American Flotilla” is not a humanitarian effort, even though many of its participants believe it is.

Primarily this is due in large measure to the fact that participating in the flotilla only serves the whims of Hamas, a terror organization. This is not only immoral, but is potentially illegal under US law.

Other reasons include the fact that there are far more constructive and rapid ways to deliver aid than through a flotilla, and the fact that Israel has the right to – and will – defend its borders.

The blockade of Gaza is legal under international law, and efforts to break it are bound to result in a confrontation with Israel’s defense forces. Resisting Israel’s defense forces will likely result in injury or death to those who physically resist Israel’s enforcement of the blockade.

We have gathered important facts about the organizations behind the Audacity of Hope. Since this information is relevant to US national security interests, it is vital for all American citizens to be informed.

The Audacity of Hope will NOT deliver a single Humanitarian Aid item to Gazans

The “Audacity of Hope” will not carry a single humanitarian aid item on board. The only “Humanitarian aid” items generated by the American flotilla are letters of support to the people of Gaza. Interestingly, these letters were already sent to Gaza. The only purpose for the boat is to create an international confrontation with a strong US ally. Since the Audacity of Hope will not deliver a single humanitarian aid item, it is only logical to examine who is behind the Audacity of Hope, and to understand the organizer’s goals

Organizers of the “Audacity of Hope”

The “Audacity of Hope” is organized and sponsored by USTOGAZA, a coalition of organizations who together joined to break Israel’s counter-terror naval blockade of the Gaza Strip. USTOGAZA states that its mission is to:

“challenge U.S foreign policy and affirm the universal obligation to uphold international law and human rights”

Included in the coalition of organizations that make up the USTOGAZA is the notorious Free Gaza Movement. The Free Gaza Movement is an umbrella organization responsible for coordinating past flotillas as a part of a sustained campaign to break the blockade of Gaza.

Additional partners and the web of terror-ties

The Free Gaza Movement partnered with the IHH, an organization that according to the US Treasury Department is part of a Saudi-based, Hamas-created umbrella group of Muslim charities called Union of Goods. The Union of Goods was created to transfer funds to Hamas through a web of charitable organizations. According to the State Department, some of the funds transferred by the Union of Good have compensated families of suicide bombers. The Union of Goods was designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization in 2008 by the US Treasury Department.

A list of contributions on IHH’s website reveals that IHH gave millions in cash to Hamas officials at the Gaza Health Ministry.

The Free Gaza Movement has had more than incidental interactions with Hamas. The key members of the organizers are well-known for their ties with global Jihad, al-Qaeda and Hamas. During a Free Gaza Movement visit to Gaza in August 2008, the activists met with Hamas leaders, including Prime Minister Haniyeh who presented the Free Gaza Movement activists with medals.

The organizer’s ultimate goal is to weaken the U.S “war on terror”

USTOGAZA is employing the Audacity of Hope as a part of a campaign that aims to change U.S policy in the fight against terrorist organizations. The Gaza blockade is in place to weaken Hamas, a designated Foreign Terror Organization by the United State government. Consequently, the blockade and blockade-breaking attempts are part of a dispute relating to the United States and its fight against terrorist organization. USTOGAZA is clearly trying to defeat measures taken by the United States regarding Hamas, Gaza and the Middle East Peace Process. Successive US administrations have stated that the disruption of the Middle East Peace Process constitutes “an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States.”

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And remember: There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza

For the most accurate information on the Flotilla, please visit Gaza Flotilla 101

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