Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The ISM's Paul Larudee practices his " Extreme Nonviolent Non-cooperation"

Paul Larudee of the Northern California International Solidarity Movement (ISM): photo from the Contra Costa times

Paul's "organization" recently sent out a "job description" for "Nonviolent Resistors" for the 2011 Gaza Freedom Flotilla. They stated "Those who are selected as passengers will be subject to the strategic guidelines of the entire Flotilla, as decided by the Steering Committee. However, additional strategies of this group (and other willing participants) may include greater nonviolent resistance after capture, such as refusing deportation until a set of conditions is met, extreme nonviolent noncooperation during captivity, etc. These strategies are subject to discussion and agreement by both the participants and the Flotilla Steering Committee."

Can we assume that this photo of Paul Larudee show the practice of "extreme nonviolent noncooperation" in action?

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