Thursday, June 16, 2011

French pull out of Flotilla. Turkey considers withdrawing as well

The French entry in the Gaza Ship of fools flotilla 2011 has decided not to sail. What changed their mind? Was it the lack of insurance? Was it the declaration of the International red Cross that there was no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and the increasing realization they were being used as a provaction to war?

from YNET
Members of Jewish community in France band together, send 500 letters of protest against Gaza flotilla, effectively preventing ship bought by organizers for €530,000 from docking in Marseille. On Tuesday the battle came to a hilt when Jewish MP Jacques-Alain Bénisti but a query to French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe, asking to learn France's official position on the flotilla. The move was said to have put pressure on local insurance companies and helped to cancel the French ship's participation.

"We feel great joy, but we know that this is just a small battle in a larger war. There are many battles left until September. We must not claim victory, only rejoice in the united front we have presented and move on," a source from the Jewish community said.

Turkey is also reconsidering its participation in the blocakade running publicity stunt:

Again, from YNET
On Wednesday, Turkish newspaper Hurriyet reported that the IHH is considering canceling the flotilla following developments in the region, particularly in Syria. "We think we can achieve our goals regardless of whether we send the Marmara ship to Gaza or not. We shall make a final decision by the end of the week," the IHH spokesman said.

The lesson? In the words of our esteemed comrades: The people united can never be defeated. Keep the pressure on, folks.

"Though I could not caution all I yet may warn a few:
Don't lend your hand to raise no flag
atop no ship of fools "

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