Saturday, October 26, 2019

Gaza death cult celebrates the anniversary of the Qassam Rocket

While Israel celebrates ways to make the world safer

And healthier

The Palestinians are celebrating their own  "innovation", in their own very special way.
This week marks the 18th anniversary of the first launch of the  Qassam rocket- an unguided projectile whose sole purpose is to terrorize, to murder and to main Jewish civilians.  Today's social media from Gaza is filled with poetic tomes dedicated to the Qassam

Reason # 4567 why there is no peace in the Middle  East

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Everyday antisemitism. Modesto.

Everyday antisemitism.

For the past 8 weeks, repulsive antisemitic flyers have been appearing throughout the California town of Modesto.  The flyers church have appeared at local synagogue, at the Central Valley Pride Center, at a local church and at a political town hall.

Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders are meeting to formulate a response.

From Fox40

Local Rep. Josh Harder and his Republican challenger, Ted Howze, also condemned the flyers.

“This was a disgusting and cowardly act,” Harder said. “The people who are sneaking this hateful garbage into public places and houses of worship will not divide us. The Central Valley is the proud home to people of all ethnicities and faith traditions and we will stand together against discrimination in whatever form it takes.”

"America soundly defeated similar hate during World War 2, and we must always stand tall against this type of bigotry," Howze said.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Take a stand against antisemitism: Ross Farca Preliminary hearing Nov. 14, 2019

On June 7, 2019 Concord California police were contacted by the FBI,  who reported that local resident Ross Farca had made some alarming threats in an online video chat room

Farca's chilling words, as reported by the police:

"I currently own an AR 15 semi auto rifle but I can buy/make the auto sear and get the M16 parts kit.  What do you think of me doing what John Earnest  tried to do, but with a Nazi uniform, and unregistered and illegally converted "machine gun" and actually livestreaming it with Nazi music?  I would probably get a body count of like 30 kikes and then like 5 police officers because I would also decide to fight to the death.  1) you don't surrender to the ZOG 2) ever watch US prison documentaries?  Also I would not spam  full auto, I would use it for clusterfucks of Kikes. Generally you want to be on semi auto so you don't waste ammo, plus depending on target richness and need for suppression eventually I may go low on ammo so I would need to resupply from the dead officers since its 5.56"

In a separate post Farca wrote:

"Wanna see a mass shooting with a body count of over 30 sub-humans?"

Recovered from Farca's Concord home were an assault rifle, 13  rifle magazines, camouflage clothing ammunition and books about Hitler and Nazi life.

Ross Farca is now free on bail. 

The preliminary hearing, the People of the State of California vs. Ross Anthony Farcas is scheduled for Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 8:45 AM, in the Superior Court of Contra Costa County in Martinez.

At this preliminary Hearing, the Judge will determine if there is “probable cause” to believe that Mr. Farca committed the charges alleged in the criminal complaint. If Judge Canepa finds there is sufficient evidence, she will bind the case over for trial. If she doesn’t find sufficient evidence, the case will be dismissed. 

Community members are urged to attend.

Judge Theresa Canepa
Courtroom: Dept 35
F. A. Bray Courthouse
1020 Ward Street
Martinez, CA

The Deputy District Attorney assigned to the case, Whitnee Goins has  estimated that her presentation of the evidence, including testimony, will take about two hours

If you have any concerns about the case, please contact Detective Gregory Mahan at Gregory.mahan (at) He welcomes your phone calls at 925-603-5817.

The District Attorney asks that your concerns be directed to the Public Information Officer, Scott Alonso at scott.alonso (at) or by phone at 925-957-8638 (office) or 925-536-8110 (mobile).

Weapon recovered from Ross Farca

Friday, October 4, 2019

Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs: Los Angeles Jews support Israel, worried about anti-Semitism

The Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs at Cal State Los Angeles  has released the findings of its recent poll of  Jewish voters in Los Angeles County.  Los Angeles is home to the 3rd largest Jewish population in the world, after New York and Jerusalem.  The  poll is part of a multi-year project to survey diverse racial and ethnic communities in the county, including Asian Americans, Latinx, African Americans, and the Jewish community

1,800 Jews from across the religious and cultural spectrum were interviewed.  Of those,  83% of the sample identified as white, while 17% identified as other than white.

According to the survey, the Los Angeles  Jewish community has a high level of civic and political engagement, with  high voting rates,  high rates of charitable giving, and high rates of participation in the political process.

 67% of  Los Angeles County Jewish voters said they consider themselves critical of current policies of the Israeli government. However, nearly three quarters- thee vast majority of respondents said they consider Israel’s existence as a Jewish state to be an important value.
From the survey's key findings:

75% of respondents responded that they are concerned about signs of rising Antisemitism.

The full survey results are available here.