Thursday, October 29, 2009

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer group Lies about Exculsion of Israelis at Middle East Conference on Breast Cancer

From a Jerusalem Post article by Judy Siegel-Itzkovich

The Israel Medical Association on Tuesday denounced all boycotts of Israelis at international medical conferences such as the one held in Cairo last week on coping with breast cancer.

IMA chairman Dr. Leonid Eidelman said that Israeli doctors and scientists are often confronted by hostility when attending professional conferences abroad.

Eidelman said that medicine and science are not political. Even those who oppose policies of the government of Israel should never inject politics into these fields, which aim to save lives and to which Israelis contribute a great deal, he said.

He called on the government to launch a serious campaign against such boycotts and have "zero tolerance" for them. The IMA, he said, would be happy to participate in such efforts.

Eidelman added that conferences that keep Israelis out would constitute a "black day for science in Israel and around the world."

Nancy Brinker, founder and head of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization that raises significant amounts of money to fight breast cancer, claimed last week that despite threats in Egypt, Israelis were not barred from the Cairo conference.

But the Foreign Ministry and the Hadassah Women's Zionist Organization said they had been.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Israeli product to add to the boycott list

Israeli company developing super-vaccine for flu

Israel Radio reported Sunday morning that an Israeli company had developed a universal vaccine for all forms of flu – including bird and swine flu

The multi-season/multi-strain flu vaccine will greatly enhance the average person's immune system, enabling patients to receive a single shot once every few years that will protect them against most forms of influenza. Most strains of flu have characteristics similar enough to enable development of one vaccine that contains the elements of the flu virus' downfall.

The Vaccine is still being researched. When it is available to the public, expect the boycott divestment sanction promoters to campaign against it. Just another product to boycott.....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

More photos from Gaza-the world's Largest Open Air Concentration Camp

Twenty Palestinian men competed in a bodybuilding contest in Gaza City Oct. 23, 2009 with over 500 people attending the event. The Arabic on the poster reads 'Under the supervision of the Palestine University - The Gaza Strip Bodybuilding Hero Contest'

Once again, I can only look at this in horror. The sunken eyes, the swollen bellies, the look of despair. It reminds me of nothing less than the Warsaw Ghetto

Friday, October 23, 2009


Yesterday evening nearly 180 Israel-haters faced off against about fifty pro-Israel activists. The occasion being a speech by e-prime minister Ehud Olmert to the World Affairs Council at the St. Francis Hotel in Union Square.
Olmert's presence was merely another excuse for the people who want Israel wiped off the map to scream angrily in public.


The protest against Israel had been organized by Arab Resource & Organizing Center (AROC), Bay Area Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid (BACEIA), CODEPINK, Friends of Deiribzi'a, Northern California International Solidarity Movement, Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA), South Bay Mobilization, Stop AIPAC, CAL Students for Justice in Palestine, US Palestine Communities Network (USPCN), Bay Area Women in Black.

Given the sheer number of organizations who claimed sponsorship, the turn-out by the anti-Israel crowd was pretty pathetic. Less than two hundred people, half of whom were the not academically gifted children of Palestinian liquor store owners.
The remainder consisted of agitators from International Answer, the misguided Jews from the usual cliques of mutually supportive deviants (JVP, Women In Black, Brit Tzedek, etc.), and a few members of Queers United Against Israeli Terror ('Queers for Hamas') - whose voice is much reduced since Tom Ammiano is no longer on the board of supervisors.

Dick Becker's chief-flunky Forrest was also there, as well as Lily Haskell's handler from the Lawyers' Guild. And several other known quantities.

There were no people on the anti-Israel side in favour of co-existence, which may explain why several of the chants were about freeing Palestine from the river to the sea, dying gloriously in jihad against the evil Jew, down down Israel, with our souls and our blood, and whores.

[That last one was very strange - something about Richard Becker and his love-associates, perhaps? It was nearly unintelligible, given the vast spectrum of Arab accents - everything from coarse Egyptian through Hadramawti and Yemeni to Morrocan. Mostly American-raised schoolkid.]


Inside, Olmert's speech inside the hotel was interrupted several times, resulting in the arrest of over twenty troublemakers.
Outside, the police did a fine job of keeping the two sides apart, despite attempts by infiltrators from the disaffected side to pick fights with women and elderly Jews on the pro-Israel side.

The spirit on the pro-Israel side was lively and feisty.

The anti-Israel crowd was bellicose and blood-thirsty. And frustrated. In more than one way.

Forrest (Richard Becker's butt boy) was severely disappointed that the police escorted him back to the other side - contrary to what Baruch believes, I really think Forrest wanted to be photographed in front of Victoria's Secret, with that huge poster of the curvy woman wearing two frilly nothings in the window.

The San Francisco Chronicle mis-reported the event, of course, relying on the Associated Press stringer who had an early dinner appointment.

Festivities ended at around seven thirty, when San Francisco Voice for Israel declared victory, thanked the SFPD for their good work, and headed home.

Several of the Muslim teenagers hung around Union Square aimlessly afterwards, being still far too young to go to a bar to crow about their performance.


To 'Saddle-bags' from the Lawyers Guild: next time you see Lily Haskell, tell her 'Alai' said 'hi'.
To Abdullah Q: do you know that your sister is seeing that black kid?
To Ahmad: man you're stupid - you didn't even recognize me! Hee hee hee!
To Myra: they think you're kinda plain and dull - some of them think that's why you left the Jews and joined them.
To Moonwind: Rifa'at simply wants to get into your panties. One more won't make a difference.
To Afifa: for g-d's sake, use condoms!
To the chubby blonde in the centre: he's just shtumping you 'cause you're easy, honey, once his cousin finishes college he's getting married. But enjoy it while it lasts, in the best of health.
To Lily Haskell: see you at the next Aipac protest, dearie.
To Naeema: sorry to hear about your mom.
To Dick Becker: I heard that you were rather small..... Now I believe it.
To Forrest: is ANYTHING going right in your life?
To Hatim: does your uncle know about your lousy grades?
To Ra'eed: how's your father doing? Everything okay at the store? Tell him Rick said 'hi'.
To S.: how are you gonna raise the kid? Jewish but self-hating, or Gentile and Jew-bating?
I guess you ain't ever gonna let you mom visit, huh?
Oh, and that also goes for 'Brian', 'Moe', and 'Sue'.


One a personal note, the highlight of the evening was when the gorgeous young Asian girl and her friend strolled past and smiled at me. Woooo!
Red red lipstick and fishnets. Woooo!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Say it Ain't So Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Were Israeli doctors excluded from the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Conference because it is being held in Egypt? Did Susan G. Koman for the Cure, the world's largest breast cancer advocacy organization enable this act of anti-Semitic exclusion?

According to INN, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure conference on breast cancer awareness, to be hosted in Egypt next week has been touted by international news networks as an example of “unprecedented cooperation” in the region.

However, Israeli doctors were told at the last minute that their invitations to participate had been rescinded.

Ignoring the deliberate exclusion of Israel, Egyptian Doctor Mohammed Shaalan claimed “The week's events are a demonstration of the cooperation between countries, governments, civil society, advocates, survivors, and the global community as a whole... It shows that breast cancer has no boundaries and reveals the beauty of the world's unity in its fight against breast cancer."

Apparently the "world's unity" doesn't extend to Israel, the worlds' only Jewish state. Israel is at the cutting age of cancer research, with innovations in both diagnosis and treatment, with researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot developing a non-invasive way of identifying breast tumors using magnetic resonance imaging. And yet Israeli doctors were specfically excluded from a conference meant to enhance regional cooperation, and a well respected American organization faciliated this exclusion.

Its time to give Susan G. Komen a call 1-877 GO KOMEN (1-877-465-6636) or send them an email Tell them to insist that all countries be allowed to partcipate in this conference. Let them know that future donations may depend on this.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Iran's Newest Secret Weapon

It's been almost a week since rumors began flying in Tehran that the Grand Ayatollah Ali Khameni had died. Frustratingly, the claims have not been able to be verified, and after a nail-biting few days, the Ayatollah's office recently released some photos of "Ol' Sparky" that supposedly prove the bearded one is still alive and kicking.

But do they?

I was a little suspicious of the photos and of such a long lag time from the Ayatollah's people, so I ran them by some former Mossad analysts (hi Uncle Doron), and asked them for their input.

Their results were as shocking as they were unshakable. According to my sources, there can be little doubt that the Ayatollah has been turned into a zombie.

Based on top-secret, off-the-record conversations with Persian Jewish dissidents I happen to know through my Ultimate Frisbee League, the Iranians have been investigating the possibilities of secret zombie technology for years, hence their long-standing friendly relationship with Haiti and their hostile policies towards the Dominican Republic, known in Iran as "that teeny-tiny Satan." Apparently the zombie project was first started during the Iran-Iraq war by Ayatollah Khomeini, who was very interested in living forever without actually having to martyr himself. However after an unfortunate accident involving tainted Iraqi werewolf blood, the research was put on hold. Shortly after, Khomeini died (though his brain is supposedly still being frozen for the day when they get the kinks out of the Ayatollah-bots). The same day that Khameni became Ayatollah, the zombie project was brought back out of its evil, dark shadowy grave.

My ex-CIA neighbor added that "this explains everything," such as why Khameni was kept totally isolated in his hospital room and the only one allowed to see him was his son. Can you say "Voodoo Incantation Ceremony?" (Really? Well, try saying it in Farsi. Not so easy, is it?)

Some argue that a Zombie-influenced Iranian leadership could actually be a good thing. Noted Zombieologists at New Orleans State confided in me that historically, many zombies have been proven to be docile, easily influenced, and not usually terribly hostile against Israel. (Compare that to Khameni before his hospital visit. What do we have to lose?) Additionally, America has a strong zombie tradition, so after Khameni gets over his new hunger for brains, his next urge may be to pick up the phone, call up Washington, and ask for a free walking tour of the French Quarter.

No word yet on what the Grand Zombietollah's first move will be. But my psychic pharmacist says that if we're lucky, it will involve a dead chicken, a pentagram made of blood, and Ahmadinejad's soul being transferred into a pin-stuffed doll.

[Sources: Yediot,7340,L-3791250,00.html and Jpost]

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hezbollah re-armed

According to informed sources Hezbollah now has forty thousand missiles in Lebanon.

Additionally, in contravention of United Nations Resolution, there are more than three hundred weapons caches south of the Litani river.

[Resolution 1701:
The Resolution demands: Full cessation of hostilities; Israel to withdraw all of its forces from Lebanon in parallel with Lebanese and UNIFIL soldiers deploying throughout the South; Hezbollah to be disarmed; Full control of Lebanon by the government of Lebanon; No paramilitary forces, including Hezbollah, south of the Litani River. ]

Clearly the United Nations Peacekeepers are obediently staying out of trouble - which must be precisely how the Untied Nations defines keeping the peace.

These rockets and guns are not meant to rust away. Why does the world tolerate an obviously belligerent terrorist group? Especially one so thoroughly distrusted by so many Arabs?
The Sunni, Christian, and Druze politicians in Beirut must be keenly aware of how fragile peace is, and how tenuous their own safety. If there is no war with Israel, Hezbollah will use its materiel to solidify its own position, and make the continued existence of other parties and other creeds in Lebanon untenable.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lily Haskell of AROC Revisited

As a passive activist and full-time anarcho-Zionist, it's my duty to keep tabs on the haters - persons & things: Becky O'Malley, Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, The Berkeley Daily Planet, The Anti-Zionist Network (comprised mostly of self-loathing Jews, sadly), and of course my non-friend, Lily Haskell.

So I did a search on her name. She's still in the top 5 hits, though she appears on another fellow Zionist's blog, At the Back of the Hill. Still, 2 hits in the top 5 is impressive.

Let's continue. My second search was "Lily Haskell" in google images. IMAGINE MY SURPRISE:

FIRST PHOTO, TOP LEFT (how suiting, for her to be on "the left").

Lily Haskell aka Lily Aida Haskell aka Elizabeth Haskell


xposted to In The Gloaming


Earlier today Israel spoke to her critics on the United Nations Human Rights Council regarding the Goldstone Report. The text of Israel's statement is below.


Statement by H.E. Aharon Leshno Yaar
Permanent Mission of Israel
To the United Nations, Geneva
12th Special Session
Human Rights Council
15 October 2009

Mr. President,

Only two short weeks have gone by since we last met. In the real world, absolutely nothing has changed to justify calling all of the respected members of this body back to this hall. Every person here knows that today's meeting is not about human rights but an abuse of the integrity and procedures of this organization to make a point to a domestic Palestinian audience.

One might think that the Human Rights Council would seek to build a modicum of credibility by holding fast to the idea that it should be the home for honorable discussions on Human Rights. It should say that such special meetings, like the one called for today, should only be called in the case of a true emergency, where the words from this hall could have a healing power. But here we are today, for another opportunity for the favorite and most infamous subject of some within this Council, Israel bashing. There is a call to pass this on to other fora, to any place where politics, buried under the flag of human rights, can be waged against one state, against Israel.

In regards to the question of the situation in Jerusalem, as Prime Minister Netanyahu emphasized earlier this week: "Extremist elements tried to undermine quiet and peaceful life in Jerusalem. An extremist minority disseminated lies to the effect that (Israel) intend(s) to dig, or was actually digging, under the Temple Mount. … (T)his is an outright lie."

In recent weeks, as has been the custom in the 42 years that Israel has controlled the Old City of Jerusalem, access to the Holy sites of all faiths has remained unfettered. A number of provocations and inciting statements, called for violence, totally fabricated any Israeli step or intent. These violent incitements began, on 27 September, without any connection to recent events in this hall, contrary to claims made by some. Individuals gathered and threw rocks and other projectiles from the area around the mosques on the Temple Mount, and a number of locations in East Jerusalem. All of this was met by extreme restraint by Israeli police and officials. Regular contact, consultations and updates were held with officials from Egypt and Jordan in order to ensure calm.

Visits to the Holy sites by Muslim pilgrims and tourists have been taking place and will continue peacefully and in cooperation. During the recent holy month of Ramadan, over 100,000 Muslims visited the Mosques on the Temple Mount each Friday, all without incident. The Mosques remain freely accessible for Muslims, including Palestinians, without any interaction with Israeli security officials.

Internal Palestinian debates about domestic strife have somehow been fed by artificially emphasizing an extremist agenda regarding Jerusalem. And packaging this panic and hysteria here in Geneva, with a reintroduction of the Goldstone Report, also for domestic political purposes, offers a hollow victory for those that want to sow conflict in our region. The moderate forces are weakened, not aided, by these resolutions and conflicts.

Earlier this week in Jenin, Mahmud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority made just this point, saying that Hamas is using the Goldstone Report and its ramifications to fight any chance for progress in the peace process and even to cause division within the Palestinian community. Mr. Abbas said that "Hamas used the report to sabotage the reconciliation."

In that same speech, in Jenin, President Abbas, stated that during the events of Gaza last winter, [quote] "the Hamas movement hid in basements. The leaders of Hamas ran away in ambulances to Sinai and left our people to bleed."

The Goldstone Fact-finding mission devoted an entire chapter to the allegations of misuse of ambulances and, unsurprisingly, rejected concerns regarding Hamas misuse. Paragraph 485 of the report definitively determines [quote]: "(o)n the basis of the investigations it has conducted, the Mission did not find any evidence to support the allegations… that ambulances were used to transport combatants or for other military purposes".

This biased and flawed report accuses Israel of war crimes for having taken action to fight against Hamas – war criminals who openly call for our destruction, fired thousands of rockets against us and endangered their own population by hiding and fighting from within densely populated areas.

Israel has given a substantive and clear explanation to anyone who was interested in listening, its criticisms with the fact-finding mission. We explained carefully why we believed the Report was wrong both in spirit and in law. Israel openly shared its dilemmas as a democracy fighting against terror along its border, in the most complex of situations, against terrorists who intentionally put their own people at risk. We offered detailed explanations about our security, legal and political policies and concerns. Mistakes that were made are being investigated by Israel’s relevant authorities, as has always been the case within Israel’s democratic system. Israel’s courts remain open to all, including Palestinians and NGO’s who seek redress. Regrettably, the report saw no problems with the actions of Hamas terrorists, using mosques, homes and hospitals for military purposes, even offering explanations why such action could somehow be excusable.

We still do not understand how a report that completely ignored the concept of Israel's inherent right of self defense, Hamas' smuggling of weapons and Israel's genuine humanitarian efforts during the conflict could be seen as anything but biased and irrelevant. It was fascinating, and telling, to hear Justice Goldstone himself tell a journalist about the distinct limits of his report, saying [quote] "if this was a court of law, there would have been nothing proven."

The supporters of the resolution have no interest in Israel's actions to limit negative effects to civilians, its domestic investigations, the workings of its legal system or the fact that there is no likelihood that this body, or any other, will truly look into allegations of Palestinian crimes. The sponsors of the resolution are not even asking for the smallest amount of introspection from the Palestinian side who are calling on the Council to "endorse" a report that stated that their own people committed war crimes.

There are members that want this Council, as well as the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, to be so preoccupied that there will be no time to investigate human rights in their countries. They are among the "auspicious" group that supported the call that dragged us back here. None of those states could ever imagine any dialogue on human rights or democracy or complementarity in their countries. So they shift the discussion to Israel. Today's session has nothing to do with human rights but everything to do with Palestinian politics and abuse of the integrity of this body.

Mr. President,

The resolution, as proposed, will be a reward for terror and will send a clear message to terrorists everywhere. They will clearly hear that this new form of warfare, as used by Hamas in Gaza, will offer immunity as countries will be prevented from waging effective responses. This strategy will be repeated in other places, against other countries fighting terror.

And finally, and perhaps most sadly, action taken here today will set back hopes for peace. Any chance for a real dialogue and better and more secure future for our region demands confidence. It would not be special sessions or abusing the agendas of esteemed international organizations, but dialogue, that would offer clear benefits and a mutual building of trust that would strengthen the position of the leaders of the Palestinian Authority. Dialogue, not threats, would also build the confidence of the Israeli public for supporting the peace process. The only beneficiaries of today's proposal would be Hamas and their allies who only seek division and conflict and an end to any hope for peace.

Mr. President, members of the Council, the political weapon proposed here today has nothing to do with human rights. Nothing. And when you next wonder why this body does not receive the respect it would like, remember this moment and you will have your answer.



It was an excellent speech. The only problem is that most of the listeners were the usual bunch of uncivilized third-world gangsters and thugs - an audience with neither education nor intelligence.

The holding of the Special Session comes at the request of Palestine. The request is co-sponsored by the following 18 Member States of the Human Rights Council, namely Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, China, Cuba, Djibouti, Egypt, Gabon, Indonesia, Jordan, Mauritius, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Senegal.
End quote.

The only state in the list above with even a half-way decent human rights record is the Philippines. All the others are between horrific and utterly appalling violators. Truly, this is a group to respect.

Per Wikipedia:
2009 Group: Cameroon, Djibouti, Mauritius, Nigeria, Senegal, Bangladesh, China, Jordan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, the Russian Federation, Cuba, Mexico, Uruguay, Canada, Germany, and Switzerland.

Several Muslim countries, several African clients of the Arabs, several dictatorial regimes and failed states.
Plus, for a flinterthin veneer of respectability and balance, Germany, and Switzerland.

Memphis - home to inbred Jedd and his bigoted klan

There are times when one wonders how soon civilization will strike certain places. Goodness knows, we've waited long enough for it to happen!
When will it be? When? When? When?

One of those places may be Memphis. I'm not sure, I have never been there, despite my idol worship of the king. Until today, it sounded like a wonderful place.

Memphis frat house painted with swastikas


The Zeta Beta Tau fraternity has not yet moved into the house on fraternity row at the University of Memphis, but the swastikas spray-painted Tuesday were accompanied by the message "welcome to frat row, Jews".
End quote.


"Welcome to frat row, Jews"

My guess is that it's food related. Some folks are genuinely scared of what metropolitan people eat - it frightens them, and threatens their sense of personal cultural security.
They're probably scared of brisket in Memphis. And I can understand that; once brisket arrives, the bacon-peanut butter-and-banana sandwich will start disappearing, and one more folkloric Memphis "contribution" to international cuisine will fade into oblivion. So very sad.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When Israel Strikes

Frontpage magazine's Jamie Glazov recently interviewed Kenneth Levin, who among other things is a well-known commentator on Israeli politics, a Princeton historian, and author of The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People Under Siege.

The interview is well-worth reading. A few highlights are presented below.


Levin: The recent missile firings, including those of the longer-range Shahab-3 and Sajjil, while provocative in their timing given the revelation a few days earlier of a secret Iranian uranium enrichment facility near Qom and given also the start of "five plus one" talks with Iran on October 1, do not in themselves add much to what has been known about Iran’s missile capabilities.

At most, they reinforce the conviction of serious observers that Iran has the missile capacity to deliver a nuclear warhead in a strike against Israel or any other Middle East target. This, coupled with evidence of feverish Iranian efforts and advances in mastering the engineering of a warhead-fitted nuclear trigger and in producing sufficient enriched uranium for a bomb, suggests that there is not much time left for the world to act if it is to prevent Iran from attaining a nuclear arsenal.


Levin: It is hardly clear that major world players fully share Israel’s concerns or are prepared to act to stop Iran. American-backed negotiations between European powers and Iran have gone on for years, have borne no fruit, and have not led thus far to the Europeans, or the U.S., taking much more dramatic steps against the Iranian regime. On the contrary, Western European states such as Germany have been the major source of much of the technology that has made Iran’s nuclear advances possible.
What trade and other sanctions have been imposed on Iran were won with much resistance by various powers and have obviously been too weak to have stopped Iran’s steady advance toward attaining nuclear arms.


Levin: This leaves Israel essentially on its own. Israel’s leaders, in previous governments as well as in the present one, have almost unanimously indicated that Israel will have to strike at Iran’s nuclear installations before Iran attains a nuclear weapon. But it obviously faces many daunting challenges to doing so effectively.


Levin: There have been a number of news stories that Saudi Arabia has given Israel a green light to cross its territory, stories which the Saudis have denied. Even if the reports are true, using Saudi airspace would present obvious risks, including that of the Iranians being informed of the approaching attack.


Levin: The general assumption is that Israel’s preferred scenario would be to overfly Iraq. This would be the most direct route, and American cooperation could help secure the element of surprise. But the Bush Administration is reported to have refused to allow Israel the use of Iraqi airspace, and it is hard to imagine the Obama Administration being more cooperative.

To be sure, not everyone around Obama shares
Zbigniew Brzezinski’s view that the U.S. ought to shoot down any Israeli aircraft that try to reach Iran via Iraq. But if the prevailing view in the Administration is that the U.S. can live with a nuclear Iran, there will inevitably be very strong sentiment not only to deny assistance, even passive assistance, to an Israeli raid but to apply extremely heavy pressure to dissuade the Israelis from attacking.


Levin: Iran would very likely unleash attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets around the world. It would also very likely seek to have Hezbollah, Hamas and perhaps Syria as well strike at Israel. Hezbollah and Hamas between them have rockets and missiles that can reach most of Israel, while Syria can hit any point in the country, and the civilian population and the nation’s infrastructure – even without Syrian involvement – would be at risk. Israel would, of course, have prepared to aggressively defend itself, but the task of limiting losses would be challenging at best.

There would also be the difficult diplomatic fallout of an Israeli attack. Even those countries relieved by a successful attack would still condemn it. Organs of the UN would, of course, censure Israel. Perhaps they would have Richard Goldstone prepare a report concluding that Israel had committed war crimes and crimes against humanity by initiating aggression against Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.


Levin: Israel confronts the likelihood of being able to inflict at most only limited damage on Iran’s nuclear program, having to do so in the face of strong opposition from its main ally, almost certainly incurring fierce military and terror reprisals, and likewise having to deal with intense negative diplomatic fallout. Yet, with all the challenges and dangers, Israel does have options for an attack on Iran’s nuclear program and, given the certainty of the existential threat presented by a nuclear Iran, it will almost certainly act to set back the Iranian program whatever the risks and dangers.

Israel would obviously prefer to see determined action by the world’s powers to end the Iranian threat. But if there is no progress, and the coming weeks yield no obvious resolve by the United States and its European allies to take decisive action, then Israel will likely feel compelled to act by early next year if not sooner.


Jamie Glazov is Frontpage Magazine's editor. He holds a Ph.D. in History with a specialty in Russian, U.S. and Canadian foreign policy. He is the author of Canadian Policy Toward Khrushchev’s Soviet Union and is the co-editor (with David Horowitz) of The Hate America Left. He edited and wrote the introduction to David Horowitz’s Left Illusions. His new book is United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror.

Elsewhere on the internet one can find predictions that an Israeli strike will happen relatively soon. It would be irresponsible to speculate about dates and times.
What is, however, likely, is that such an eventuality is fast approaching certainty. There are no indications that Iran will play ball, little hope that the current round of talky-talky with the Persians will be successful, and hardly a chance that their nuclear program be stopped. The American government is determined to offer carrots, but is unlikely to utilize its sticks. That will mean that Israel will have to be, once again, the bad cop.

International A.N.S.W.E.R throwing two more fits - Oct. 15th. and Oct. 17th.

Am in receipt of disqueting (and absurd) e-mail alert from the dark side:

Thurs. Oct. 15, 6 pm, Union Square, SF President Obama will be speaking at a major fundraiser inside the St. Francis Hotel, Union Square. Join the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES), Bay Area Latin America Solidarity Coalition, Single Payer Now, the ANSWER Coalition and many other organizations.
Among the themes of the demonstration are: Healthcare Not Warfare! Money for People’s Needs, Not the Pentagon! End the Occupations of Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Haiti! U.S. Out of Latin America – Restore President Zelaya in Honduras! Overturn NAFTA and CAFTA!

Sat. Oct. 17, "U.S. Troops Out NOW! 11am, Gather at UN Plaza (7th & Market); 12noon, March; 1pm, Rally The ANSWER Coalition is one of many organizations which are part of the October 17 Anti-war Coalition. For more information on endorsers, speakers, demands and more, go to wwwdotOct17awcdotwordpressdotcom. Look for the ANSWER banners and join us on October 17.

A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition Act Now to Stop War & End Racism


Six o'clock on a weekday? Hah! Better stay in and watch teevee - far more constructive than joining Richard Becker and his concubines throwing a big ole hissy in the company of several thousand cops and secret service men.
Protesting against President Obama in a city like San Francisco proves how utterly out of touch with reality some folks are.

And as for Saturday, good nei ge luck! Hope it rains on your parade. The antiwar movement is a spent force that now only appeals to the terminally disaffected and their opportunistic fellow-travelers. No one with half a brain still listens to them.
Code Pink, of course, will by their loud stupid squawking and yelping prove that this is so.

Oddballs and loonies pay attention when Richard Becker barks.

As is made very clear by two separate reports on Richard Becker's last public exhibition:


Quote: "150 to 160 people, mostly elderly, some substance abuser-types, a few young Pally looking fellows. One, maybe two, anarchist-bandanna across the ponim.
Average age of the crowd was forty or so, average skin-hue was middle-class Berkeley, average gender veered slightly towards earth-mother."


Quote: "International ANSWER and Richard Becker were holding a protest down at the new Federal Building at Mission and Seventh, and it stank.
Okay, maybe about one hundred to one hundred and fifty middle-aged Berkeley nimrods showed up."

One hundred and fifty mid-life crises people. That's ALL that Richard Becker can attract.
Middle-aged Berkeleyite drones who insist that their lives have meaning, despite their total unimportance in the scheme of things. Old failures, neurotics, and swollen-headed armchair revolutionaries.
They enable Richard Becker, in return for flattery and a false sense of meaningfulness in their shallow content-free lives. It's a form of mutual masturbation.
Very self-indulgent, in any case.

It might be considerably more rewarding for Richard Becker to buy a trench-coat and head down to the playground with some lollipops.
Less nauseating, too.
Though it would leave his palls Forest and Gloria at loose ends.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Russian treachery, Persian hubris, and the Israeli option

While everyone looks to Iran to either co-operate or decide to push the envelope in the next few weeks, it may be worthwhile to examine what the Russians are doing. After all, Russia fully intends to continue its duplicitous co-operation with the Mullahs, and Russia is one of the major weak-spots in the sanction-threat.

The Russians are using the crisis very well to their own advantage. There is, in their narrowed view, almost no downside to the Iranian threat - it is not aimed at them, and they are making both money and geopolitical hay.

If Iran develops a nuclear bomb, it will be because the Russians made it possible.

Predictably, Russia blandly denies that it is aiding the Iranians toward that goal.

Iran is the lever that Russia is using against the United States.

Moscow has made it no secret that they wish their sphere of influence in Europe back, and the Eastern European nations understand that Western Europe is firmly committed to doing nothing to counter Russian intentions. They need Russian gas, and have become accustomed to giving in.
The threat of a nuclear Iran keeps the United States pre-occupied, and forces us to deal with the Kremlin, even tolerate their designs in Europe.

If the United States does take military action against Iran, it may not be able to counter Russian involvement elsewhere, and the Europeans will loyally play their customary role as America's worst critics, which will also play into Russia's hand.

Russia's nightmare

There is, however, one option that would stymie Russia - a quick, savage strike by Israel that demolishes Iran's nuclear facilities and severely damages Iranian infrastructure.
Short, decisive, and very destructive.

Once the threat of a nuclear Iran is removed - even if only for a decade - the United States has far less reason to accede to any Russian pressure as regards Eastern Europe.
And the Western Europeans will perhaps realize quite how irrelevant they have become.


During operation Cast Lead the Dutch state-sponsored news organization (NOS) featured reportage from Sander van Hoorn in Israel. Both Sander van der Hoorn and the NOS have a recognized anti-Israel bias.
Which at that time became blatantly obvious, as neither the NOS nor mister van Hoorn hesitated to demonstrate their true colours.

[NOS = Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (Dutch Broadcast Foundation).]

Please visit 'bad news from the Netherlands '( for an interesting perspective on informing the public.

Many European news organizations are sodden with Israel haters (the British are notorious in that regard), and both articles and programming support their views. But the Dutch are no slouches either!

[Not only the NOS, but also newspapers like the Volkskrant, Telegraaf, Algemeen Dagblad, and several other Dutch publications, serve as frequent examples.]

Sander van Hoorn and his editors decided that the Dutch viewers did not need impartial and independent news, but required slant, bias, and propaganda.
To that end, they engaged in a pattern of omission, distortion and manipulation.

An English language report detailing what they did can be found here:

[This site:]

The original (in Dutch) is here:
There are several other interesting articles about biased and bigotted Dutch reportage on that page. Scroll down to 'Israels Gaza war in Dutch state-funded media NOS'.

[Israel Facts is an excellent website for facts about Israel and the Middle East in Dutch. One would wish that more Dutch reporters and editors would start reading here: , but perhaps their busy schedules do not permit much reading.]

Dutch anti-Semitism now thrives as never before. Those who rely on Dutch news sources are mal-educated and mis-informed and have been strengthened and encouraged in their bigotry.

The country that betrayed Anne Frank along with over a hundred thousand of fellow citizens during the dark days of World War II seems intent on making Jew-hatred part of its culture.

It's a way of life, I guess.

Note: a longer version of this post was originally published here:
This article has now been crossposted on this blog:

PS. Indien er Nederlanders zijn die mijn woorden willen tegenspreken verzoek ik beleefd dat in het Engels te doen. Het merendeel der lezers hier is Engelstalig, begrijpt u wel, en dienovereenkomstig niet bemachtigd ene vloek-en-verdoemnis preek in uw taal te begrijpen, hoe schoon gij ook schrijft.

Bij voorbaat uiterst dank.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Ra'ed Salah: vile sheikh inciting ignorant Muslims

Another religious psychopath speaks for the Arab umma. There's always another one. The supply is endless.

Salah told Haaretz on Monday that the clashes would last as long as Israel's "occupation" of the city and Al-Aqsa Mosque continued. He said the Israeli government must understand that using force does not grant it rights to Al-Aqsa Mosque or anywhere else in East Jerusalem, and that the key to achieving calm in the area is an Israeli "withdrawal."
"No one has rights to the Al-Aqsa Mosque other than the Muslims. The mosque compound is Muslim, Palestinian and Arab, and Israel has no rights to the mosque or East Jerusalem," he said.



Salah has been prohibited from entering the Temple Mount area for several months, and has been staying at a nearby residence while following developments. The Islamic Movement leader reiterated his call for Arabs within Israel's Green Line and in Jerusalem to protest beside the mount to "protect Al-Aqsa from the infiltration of extremist Jewish elements."

Any Jew is an extremist element, according to many Arabs. Hence the senseless rioting by under-employed teenagers and senseless dotards recently whenever a Jew appeared anywhere near the site of Solomon's Temple.

Sheikh Salah is the head of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement. He is best known for his support for Hamas, for whom he raised millions of dollars, as well as his idiotic claim that there is no Jewish connection to the Western Wall.


"The Western Wall - on all its various parts, structures and gates, and all the names these parts, structures and gates are called – is an inseparable part of the al-Aqsa compound"

"(the Western Wall) is part of Al-Aqsa's western tower, which the Israeli establishment fallaciously and sneakily calls the 'Wailing Wall'. The wall is part of the holy al-Aqsa Mosque"

"He who says that the Jews or the Israeli establishment has any right to al-Aqsa, even to just one stone - this is an abominable attack, a falsehood, completely baseless."

---Sheikh Ra'ed Salah


The Israelis would do well to silence that man. Like many Islamic preachers, he slanders his own faith by his words and his actions, and encourages his followers towards violence and depravity in the name of Allah. The world has too many of such people. Their angry rantings drown out the voices of sensible Muslims, their thugs threaten the lives of dissenters, and their supporters in Berkeley, London, and other misguided parts of the Western World encourage the bestial passions of the mob.

The Islamic Movement of which Sheikh Ra'ed Salah is the northern head is a front group for false charities, radicalization, and recruitment.


Recent riots by Muslims in Jerusalem are attracting the attention of sympathizers in the strangest places. In Jordan, which fought a bloody campaign against Palestinian insurrectionists during September 1971, thousands have marched demanding that ties with Israel be cut.

'In Amman, demonstrators made their way to the Prime Ministry, where they chanted slogans urging the government to sever diplomatic ties with Israel and expel its ambassador.
They also called for the abrogation of the peace treaty which Jordan concluded with Israel in 1994. '
End quote.


If Jordan were to accede to their demands, it would have momentous consequences.

For one thing, we could finally be rid of meddlesome outside-agitators in Al Aqsa.

'Under the pact, Israel acknowledged Amman's right to look after all Islamic and Christian holy places in East Jerusalem.'
End quote.

Very well. Given that 'peace with Arab nations' does NOT actually mean peace, and that diplomatic relations with Arabs is merely a state of permanent war with added costs, let the Jordanians do precisely what their rabble asks.

Then expel the Waqf and throw out those Muslim officials who have allegiance to outsiders. By their actions, their words, and their malevolent intent towards Israel they prove themselves deficient in honour and unworthy of residence in the Holy Land. Their foreign masters will assuredly welcome them with open arms.

'Jordan's King Abdullah II demanded that Israel stop all unilateral actions in East Jerusalem, in an interview with Ha'aretz newspaper. He warned that such steps jeopardize Israel's relations with Jordan and are likely to inflame the Islamic world and derail peace efforts.'
End quote.

Peace efforts? My good man, what are these peace efforts of which you speak? Would that include the massive funding of extremists and the applauding of every brutal terrorist act?
It seems to me that peace with the Arab world, having been a chimera for so long, has ceased to have any possible relevance.

A valuable first step towards real peace would be dissolving the Waqf and deporting its officials to Jordan. Throw the beggars out.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Sometimes I wonder whether the Berkeley Daily Planet has any shred of decency left. Is there no depth to which they will not stoop?
Then there are times when I read the damn thing, or someone sends me an article, and I must refrain from vomiting.
Today is one such time.
Trust me, you need not know what that odious rag did now.

It still baffles me, after all this time, that the editor of that foul agit-prop pamphlet, Becky O'Malley, considers herself a journalist, a gifted writer, and a decent human being. Fortunately I am not the only person in the Bay Area to be appalled by her chutzpah.

According to the Berkeley Daily Planet Watchdog:
Quote: 'The Berkeley Daily Planet, as we will show, is a font of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel expression. It defends itself from the ugly charge of anti-Semitism by professing, instead, a very strict interpretation of the rights of free speech. However, while we have found all manner of anti-Semitic hate ("free") speech, in a thorough review of all past issues we have found only one expression of hate speech directed at any other group. That other group is police officers. Since Michael and Becky O’Malley bought the paper in early 2003, we have not found one single expression of hate speech directed against gays, Muslims, blacks, or any other ethnic or religious group. ' End quote.


Chutzpah is not something of which one would normally accuse a person of sterling Wasp background (sarcasm!), but there is sufficient reason to make an exception.

According to the Berkeley Daily Planet Watchdog:
Quote: 'She made her name in Berkeley fighting every form of development and progress. As a member of the Landmarks Commission, in particular, she most vehemently fought against the building if a synagogue, Beth El. The Northern California Jewish Weekly, the "J" reported how she fought the synagogue in this way in its January 19, 2001 issue:
"Although the hearing proceeded, much of the time it was less than orderly. O'Malley continually interrupted, spoke over other commissioners and had to be told repeatedly by Edwards that she was out of order. She passed notes to commissioners who were not disqualified, made faces, shook her head and, at one point, left her seat, walked in front of the commissioners' table and got a speaker's card." '
End quote.

There are several very interesting links about Becky O'Malley and the Berkeley Daily Planet on the website of the Daily Planet Watchdog. It is a much more refreshing read than anything the Daily Planet has published in quite a while.
Please show your support of the exercise of first amendment rights by reading the articles on the website of the Daily Planet Watchdog


And, if you are so inclined, I encourage you to sign a petition calling Becky O'Malley and her henchmen to task:

Please note: previous mentions of the Berkeley Daily Planet by this blogger and other include the following posts: Hate and the Daily Planet; Berkeley Daily Planet - Hatred's Own Propaganda Rag; Berkeley Daily Planet: Anti-Semitic Fishwrap; The Berkeley Daily Planet-The Beginning of the End; Daily Planet Watchdog and the Bitter Bitch.
If you know of any other blog posts about the Berkeley daily Planet that are not mentioned here, feel free to cite them in the comments.

The Berkeley Daily Planet is distributed free (being actually an advertising sheet, albeit one with pretensions) and is worth every penny.
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Feel free to read it twice.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Palestinians are actually irrelevant

There are about seven million people who consider themselves Palestinian (considerably less who are native to the West Bank or Gaza).
There are over half a billion Arabs. Nearly a billion Muslims.
There are eight billion people on the planet.

Stark numbers. They illustrate the precise unimportance of Palestinians in the grand scheme of things.
If they weren't so inclined towards violence, we might never have heard of them.

Violence is hardly a measure of achievement. More people have heard of Leonardo DaVinci and Rembrandt than the current heads of the PLO and Hamas. It's a question of values.

In the past eight years, the Palestinian Arabs have accomplished one significant thing - the deaths of over five thousand of their own people (excluding those killed by bad drivers, honor killings, casual streetcorner murder, armed robbery, gang violence, intra-Arab murder, carelessness, politics, and stupidity - those numbers are not important to the Palestinian Arabs, nor to world citizens).


In which dysfunctionality and absurd logic triumphed over civilized behaviour, civilized values, and civilized achievements.

In order to comprehend the mentality of Palestinian Arabs, it is critical to understand the reasons they think that the intifada was a victory.
The answer is quite simple, and disheartening for those who think that there is any realistic chance for peace.




...all the seemingly counterproductive decisions and celebrations that Palestinian Arabs make are easy to understand. The Intifada was bad for Israelis, of course - over a thousand murdered, and restrictions on Israeli movement; armed guards at supermarkets, people nervous about taking buses, and a much more difficult life in general for all Israelis.
Since it hurt Israelis, it must be () a glorious victory.


Not only were Israelis hurt and killed, but also Palestinian Arabs made world headlines.

All quotes from here:
This blog:

While the Israelis were dealing with missile-firing psychopaths in Gaza last January, the stalwarts of Hamas were happily whacking Fatah-members in that city. This was as important if not more to them as "resisting", and far more important than ensuring the safety of their civilians by not storing war-materiel in schools, mosques, and hospitals.
Even to Hamas, dead Palestinians are far more important than the living.
As, indeed, they appear to pro-Palestinians world-wide.


Given that traditional Ukrainian anti-Semitism is no longer quiescent, and that since the fall of the Soviet Union violent xenophobic incidents in that region have spiraled out of control, it might be time to cast a jaundiced eye at that part of Eastern Europe.

Anti-Semitism, as everyone no doubt understands, is a fundamental part of the colorful regional culture, informing so much of the attitudes and folklore of the natives. As such, it may be a treasured European heritage which is of great symbolic value - one which many Europeans will passionately defend, especially if they are of the nationalist ilk.

Never-the-less, like so much of the old-world mentality that inspired the tumultuous events of the twentieth century, anti-Semitism is not really in tune with modernity. It has no place in a 'liberal democracy', and reflects no glory on its practitioners; it may be time to both reject traditional Eastern-European cultural mores, and to make a point, also some Eastern-European products.

"Is everybody obliged to love Jews and Israel? If I don't like Jews and Israel, does that make me an anti-Semite?"

---Serhiy Ratushnyak, mayor of the Ukrainian city of Uzhhorod


Apparently, in the wake of the mayor's rant, Jewish leaders were quick to respond. First into the fray was Rabbi Berel Lazar, chief rabbi of Russia, who announced that he would be visiting Uzhhorod to support the local Jewish community. Rabbi Yaakov Bleich, chief rabbi of Ukraine, also condemned Ratushnyak but in the same breath, he also turned down his rabbinical colleague's offer of support.
End quote.

This blogger would advise that the Jews of Uzhorod simply leave.
Eastern Europe is the realm of death, and there is no part of the Ukraine that is not drenched in the blood of innocent victims. Why stay in a place that serves as the devil's anteroom?

Of course, the same can be said of Russia.

"Plenty of anti-Semites in Russia can use the help of Berel Lazar before he worries about anti-Semitism in Ukraine"
---Rabbi Yaakov Bleich, chief rabbi of Ukraine

It is high time for a Jewish boycott of Ukraine. Perhaps not a total boycott, at least not at first, but at the very least some symbolic gestures.
End quote.

[Source: ]

I will start boycotting Ukrainian goods the moment I find any! What do Ukrainians export?

Really, does anything come out of Kievan Rus other than trafficked human flesh?
I would be most appreciative if readers informed me of Ukrainian merchandise that they cannot live without. Or even Ukrainian items that they might consider buying.........

Monday, October 5, 2009

World Net Daily - it is 'daily', but that is all

This is meant in friendly yet polite criticism of well-meaning individuals who keep forwarding me pro-Israel articles from World Net Daily (and other even more dubious sources).

The World Net Daily is not a valid source of news.

It is an opinion sheet that caters to the loony fringe.
Reading the World Net Daily for any other reason than a need to laugh hysterically calls your sanity into question.

From Wikipedia:

In early 2005, WND hired Aaron Klein to run a Jerusalem bureau. ConWebWatch, a website critical of conservative new media, in early 2006 alleged that Klein's articles promoted the causes of Israeli settlers in the West Bank and Gaza who opposed Israel's unilateral disengagement plan from those areas. The group also argued that Klein did not disclose the ties of Israeli activists tied to the far-right Kach and Kahane Chai movement.
End quote.

Kach and Kahane Chai are of course the insane fringe of the settler movement - though extremely small in number, their extremist and racist behaviour, politics, and statements are often used to discredit the entire movement.

When Eden Natan-Zada shot and killed four people on a bus in Gaza on August 4, 2005, he was beaten to death afterwards by a crowd that witnessed the shooting. Klein wrote an article for WND claiming that Zada was "murdered" by a "mob of Palestinians" after the shooting, although he also mentioned that police called the shooting a "Jewish terror attack."
End quote.

Klein is entitled to his opinion. But he is not grounded in reality, and his heavily slanted reportage is unreliable - little that he has written stands up to even a modicum of scrutiny.

In addition to publishing the rantings of Mr. Klein, the WND is also responsible for upsetting people with a fragile grasp of reality by spreading palpably false and loopy conspiracy theories.

During the debate over the failed 2007 Immigration Bill, WND popularized opposition to an alleged "North American Union (NAU)", a dystopian vision of a future America politically and economically merged with Canada and Mexico, in a fashion similar to the European Union. WND blames a "shadow government" in the form of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) for the alleged NAU plot. CFR Conspiracy theories are not a new phenomenon. Jerome Corsi, a popular WND columnist, has penned a book about the alleged plot called The Late, Great USA, which was promoted by the website. The "North American Union" is considered a conspiracy theory by popular social conservatives such as Michael Medved and Kimberley Strassel, and has been disputed in the mainstream media.
End quote.

Shadow government? NAU plot? Bring on the black helicopters and Hong Kong policemen working for the United Nations also, please, as well as the Bilderburgers and the Freemasons.

Most egregiously, WND has perpetuated the balderdash that Obama is not qualified for the presidency because he is allegedly not a natural born American citizen.

During the closing days of the 2008 presidential campaign, and in the weeks following Barack Obama's election as president of the United States, WorldNetDaily posted numerous articles questioning Obama's citizenship status and consequent eligibility to be president.
WND frequently posted articles on its homepage giving updates on numerous lawsuits that questioned Obama's citizenship status and were aimed at postponing the election and, later, the inauguration. These articles featured interviews with the plaintiffs, which included former New Jersey lawyer Leo Donofrio, 9/11 Truth attorney Philip J. Berg, and former Republican presidential candidate Alan Keyes. WND and Joseph Farah also touted The Obama Nation, a book critical of Obama written by WND staff reporter Jerome Corsi, which claimed that Obama was born in Kenya. Such claims were disputed by Obama's campaign, progressive bloggers, news outlets, and Hawaii's state health department.

End quote.

Gentlepersons! If you cannot vet your source as sane, grounded in reality, and at least relatively reliable, please do not forward the article.

It is indeed quite likely that the content of the article in question agrees with your every dark fear or preconception, and says what you wish to say better than you possibly could. That is immaterial. Nonsense remains nonsense, even if someone else says it too. The WND is a source of a very large percentage of all the bad karma and dysfunctionality in the known universe, and should be avoided at all costs.

I no longer wish to see bushwa from the World Net Daily. If you forward it, I will taunt you and call you names.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Does the Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) promote hatred of Israelis and Israel?
Such is the accusation of a small group of angry people, whose ire was aroused by a report a while back detailing a reprehensible act alleged to have been committed by someone in Hebron.

Better questions would be: Do some people overreact? Are there people on all sides who commit stupid or insane acts?

Of course they do, and of course there are. And our side should be man enough to admit it.
We aren't the other side, which glosses over its massacres and crimes against humanity as if these were excusable in light of the paucity of their means and the desperation of their members.
Nor do we excuse the idiots who "mean well".

Do some activists do or say things which defy common sense?

Let me quote from JTA:

Recently, however, a group of critics launched a letter-writing campaign accusing JTA of "cultivating hatred of Israel and Israelis," urging supporters to send us this form letter. As far as I can tell, most of the complaints center on one allegation: that acid has been thrown at Israeli forces. Here's how we reported it:

Over the last year and a half, radical settlers seem to have upped the ante. They have defaced Muslim tombstones, set fire to Palestinian olive groves, assaulted Palestinians, slashed tires of IDF vehicles and thrown acid at Israeli soldiers.

The incident in question took place on Dec. 4, 2008, as Israeli forces conducted a surprise evacuation of Jewish families from a disputed four-story building in Hebron. According to several news sources (Ynet, Fox News, Ha'aretz, The Jerusalem Post) an Israeli police officer was injured by acid thrown into his eyes by some of those trying to stop the evacuation. The police told us as much almost immediately after the fact.
We could have also mentioned that some settlers had been warning that any attempt to evacuate the building, dubbed Peace House by Jewish supporters, would be met with violence. In a successful effort to minimize the threat, Israeli border police moved in during the day. According to The Jerusalem Post, authorities discovered stockpiles of homemade weapons. After the operation, angry settlers reportedly rampaged through Hebron, attacking Palestinians (including two who were shot outside of their home) and burning Palestinian olive trees.

When we started hearing from some who questioned the acid report, we went back to the police who said that they stood by their version of events. Of course, I guess it's possible that the Israeli police made up the acid story (and planted the piles of weapons), in an elaborate frame job aimed at making settlers look bad -- and news outlets of various political stripes fell for it. But we see no evidence of this. Regardless, the acid-throwing incident was the only part of our report our critics questioned; they did not dispute that some radical settlers had vandalized Israeli military equipment, vandalized Palestinian property, defaced Muslim graves and attacked Palestinian civilians.

We stand by our stories.



Rabbosai, you know the JTA is a valuable resource, both in the function of honest reporter, and as a disseminator of worthwhile information for everyone who is concerned about matters Jewish, Israeli, or Zionist.
You do not want them to merely propagandize. You want truthful reporting, solid information.
The JTA does a good job of giving you both.

We've already seen the crappy "hasbara", and saccharine puff pieces that a foolish minority insist on circulating ad nauseum - these do our side no good.
Articles laden with spelling errors and factual inaccuracies merely help the other side and harm ours.
Ridiculous conspiracy theories? We would far rather the pro-Pallies and Eury far-left make themselves look stupid by propounding those.
Save for the manifestations of crackpotism that a few of you originate, the other side would look entirely moronic by now.

Throwing verbal acid at our own is no less heinous than abusing police officers, military equipment, property, graves, or civilians.

If you do NOT like what the JTA does, please start your own damn' group.
Just be aware that you will have to do a better job than the JTA.
Might be hard ....... Our side sets the bar higher than most of the world.
Oh, and don't forget to use spellcheck.