Monday, June 13, 2011

Hundreds of Grad rockets smuggled into Gaza in recent weeks

From Ma'an

Israel is concerned that unrest in Libya has created a new smuggling route for weapons into Gaza, Israeli media reported Friday.

The Hebrew-language newspaper Maariv said Israeli security officials had received information that fighting against Moammar Gadhafi's regime in Libya had weakened the leader's control and allowed the flow of weapons into the hands of arms dealers and "terror organizations."

Weapons were smuggled from Libya through Egypt and into Gaza via underground tunnels, the report said.

According to Maariv, Egyptian authorities were trying to intercept the weapons, but many convoys managed to reach Gaza.

Hundreds of Grad rockets with ranges of 60 - 70 kilometers had been smuggled into Gaza in recent weeks, strengthening Hamas and posing a serious threat to Israel, the newspaper reported.

Short-range rockets, rifles and ammunition had also been smuggled into the coastal enclave, the report said.

Israeli officials had received information that Russian-made anti-tank missiles that had been sold to Libya were now in the hands of rebel forces in the south, the newspaper said, adding that Israeli security officials feared the missiles would be smuggled into Gaza.

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