Friday, June 22, 2012

Southern Israel under Seige. Again.

Its been a bad week. The latest escalation of attacks from Gaza began Monday with more than 150 rockets and missiles fired into Israel- an average of 20 a day.

Its looking like the begining of a bad weekend, too. A volley of rockets from Gaza slammed into Southern Israel just minutes ago. At least 15 rockets struck near Sderot, with one exploding in the city’s industrial zone and injuring a man.

The 50-year-old man was hit in the neck by shrapnel from the explosion. Several other Sderot residents were treated for shock.

Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor filed a complaint with the UN declaring that “the lives of about a million Israelis are paralyzed” by these attacks. adding “as long as Israel’s southern communities will not know quiet, it will not be quiet in Gaza.”

In spite of the attacks on Israel, last week 1,243 truckloads (34,062 tons) of aid were delivered to Gaza.

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