Sunday, June 3, 2012

Alameda County Supervisors Proclaim Palestinian Cultural day.

Alameda County Residents should be interested to learn that their County Supervisors are proclaiming June 5 Palestinian Cultural Day

The Text of the Proclamation follows:

WHEREAS, Palestinians trace their roots back to the historic land of Palestine and primarily speak Arabic and profess either a Christian, Jewish or Muslim faith; and

WHEREAS, Palestinian culture is presented through books, poetry, music, dance, oral history, folktales, proverbs, and handicrafts made with cross-stitch embroidery patterns that often display ethnic or regionaI identity and honor a rich cultural legacy from centuries past that are important symbols of Palestinian culture; and

WHEREAS, Palestinians have embraced for over 2,000 years core values such as love of family, commitment to education, hospitality, and reverence for land, community empowernent, strong sense ofjustice and they now share these values with the residents of Alameda County; and

WHEREAS, Palestinian residents of Alameda County now number approximately 20,000 and continue to make major contributions to the County in the fields of arts and culture, community organizing, student activism, law and medicine, and are valued members of the community as small business owners; and

WHEREAS, Palestinians living in Alameda County will hold the first annual Palestinian Cultural Day thal honors the local Palestinian community and its contributions to the County's civic life as well as the historical and cultural contributions of Palestinians throughout the world.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED that this Board of Supervisors, Counly of Alameda, Does hereby proclaim June 5, 2012 as "Palestinian Culural Day" and recognizes the contribrutions of the local Palestinian population of Alameda County residents and communities.

NATE MILEY, President
Supervisor, Fourth District

KEITH CARSON, Vice-President
Supervisor, Fifth District

Supervisor, First District

Supervisor, Third District

Do you have any concern about the factual elements of the proclamation? Go to the Board of Supervisors Homepage, find your county Supervisor and let them know what you think.

And in the meanwhile, when our Supervisors write about Palestinian core values, such as "love of family", lets try and avoid thinking about Reem al Rayashi


Anonymous said...

I thought Palestinian family values meant being forced to marry your second cousin

Anonymous said...

Palestinian family values also mean killing your sister if you think she dishonored the family name by being raped.

Anonymous said...

I think the Octomom shows Palestinian family values best- have 16 kids, and make someone else pay for them