Monday, June 18, 2012

Google chairman Eric Schmidt "We love Israel" Pssst. BDS fail

Are you keeping score? In the world of BDS success stories, apparently a cafe that never sold Israel products has decided never to carry Israeli products. This baffling development is from the Flaming Eggplant, a tiny establishment located near good old Evergreen College, Alma mater of the ISM's sacrificial lamb, Rachel Corrie. And in the BDS fail column, Google chairman Eric Schmidt speaking in Tel Aviv praised Israel's engineers and development centers, effusively declaring " We love Israel".

Google vs The Flaming Eggplant. This is roughly the state of the BDS movement today.

From Haaretz:

"Google chairman Eric Schmidt said on Monday that the company's development centers in Israel are among the company's most efficient and that Google is constantly expanding them.

Speaking at a Tel Aviv conference called "Big Tent," Schmidt said that the quality of Israel's engineers is very high, not least due to the country's universities and the training acquired in the army. He also praised local salespeople as among the best in the world, saying they continue to contribute to the company's profits.

"We love Israel," Schmidt said, drawing applause from the crowd."

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