Friday, June 1, 2012

Obama Administration Jerks Around the Jews of the Middle East

Mike L.

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The Jews of the Middle East remain under siege.

After 1,300 years living under the boot of Arab-Muslim imperialism, followed by 100 years of an Arab-Muslim war against those Jews, much of the world scream to the heavens that Israel must stop protecting itself. That is, much of the world scream to the heavens that Israel must dismantle those inconvenient check-points and allow Hamas to gain additional weaponry, in order to fulfill their genocidal ambitions, by ending the blockade of Gaza.

Recently Ehud Barak has suggested that Israel end the "occupation" by unilaterally withdrawing from much of the western bank of the Jordan river, which is precisely my suggestion for quite some time, now. The idea is for Israel to end the "occupation" of Judea and Samaria by declaring its final borders and removing the IDF to behind those borders. Since the Palestinians refuse to negotiate, and since the Arab governments refuse to end their genocidal war against the Jews of the Middle East, then Israel needs to take matters into its own hands, despite what happened after the Gaza withdrawal.

The Obama administration, however, is having none of it:

WASHINGTON – US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday rejected the notion of unilateral Israeli steps toward separating from the Palestinians.

“We have discouraged unilateral action from both sides,” Clinton said when asked about the possibility during a press conference while on trip to Denmark.

“The United States believes there is no substitute for direct talks between the parties.”

Several leading Israeli voices, including most recently hints by Defense Minister Ehud Barak, have raised the possibility of unilateral Israeli withdrawals from the West Bank – though presumably they would not be as extensive as those sought by the Palestinians – in the face of a longtime stalemate in negotiations to reach a peace agreement.

The progressive-left, in general, and the Obama administration, in particular, are playing a sick and evil game against the Jews of the Middle East. The Jews represent a tiny and abused minority in that part of the world who want nothing more than to be left the hell alone. They have built Fortress Israel in an attempt to protect themselves from the long, long history of genocidal Arab-Muslim anti-Semitism. This is why there is such a thing as the so-called "occupation." This is why there are check-points. It is because Israeli Jews have no intention of allowing their children to be slaughtered in their beds.  Diaspora Jews, like Peter Beinart, may think that the real problem is that Israeli Jews are mean to the Palestinians, but the Israelis themselves cannot afford any such acidic and counterproductive delusions.

What most diaspora Jews want, meanwhile, is acceptance. They want a kitzel behind the ear by their non-Jewish political friends and in order to get that scratch they are willing to blame the entire ungodly situation on their brothers and sisters in Israel. At worst they are anti-Semitic anti-Zionists and at best, with a few notable exceptions, they simply keep their mouths shut about Arab-Muslim genocidal anti-Semitism.

The Jews of the Middle East, however, cannot afford progressive Zionist delusions concerning the possibility of a negotiated end of hostilities if only they would jump through whatever hoops that the Palestinians or the Arab League or the Obama administration demand that they jump through. Israeli Jews know that the Palestinian-Arabs do not want a country in peace next to the Jewish one because if that was what they wanted they could have had it long ago.

This being the case, some Israeli leaders, such as Barak, are considering a unilateral end of hostilities or, at least, a unilateral end to the "occupation." If the Palestinians refuse to negotiate, which they do, then Israel absolutely must do what it needs to do in order to break the stalemate and now we have the Obama administration demanding that the status quo must continue.

As I say, this is a sick and evil game being played on the Jews of the Middle East by the progressive-left and the Obama administration. By insisting that an end of hostilities must come through negotiations they are, in effect, insisting that hostilities never end. This is particularly egregious given the fact that it was the Obama administration that screwed up any possibility of a negotiated end of hostilities to begin with.

The long Arab-Muslim war against the Jews of the Middle East continues and the Obama administration enables it.


geoffff said...

It is right for Israel strategists to think about unilateral withdrawal. The security fence pretty much defines the border anyway especially if no one wants to talk about it.

It is especially appropriate now the other side is seriously talking about "no-Israel solutions".

What a great thought to declare the borders and leave them to it. Leave the Palestinians to themselves. Leave Fatah to Hamas. Leave the whole mess to the UN and the Europeans to clean up. Sounds fair to me. They made the filthy stew in ths first place. That's something everyone can agree on.

Mike L. said...

We need to free ourselves.

Anonymous said...

The same administration that continues to insult Israel when desperately needed housing is built in Judea and Sumeria - insinuating that Israel doesn't want peace because it builds homes on ITS OWN LAND.

Anonymous said...

You'll like this news:
'Jewish support for Democratic presidential candidate at 24-year low'

Republican Jewish Coalition says about latest Gallup poll: "Republicans are making significant inroads in the Jewish community" • However, the poll shows a solid majority of American Jews, 64%, still approve of Obama • Around a quarter of Jews said they will vote for Romney.