Monday, January 19, 2015

Saudis construct an apartheid wall. The World is silent

The Saudis are constructing a security barrier on their Northern border.  The Saudi "Apartheid wall " will run for  600 miles,  and will be dotted with motion sensors. There will be chainlink fences, sand embankments, and 38 communication towers. 32 rapid response centers will be equipped with helipads.  It is hoped that the wall, when completed  will keep ISIS at bay. The terrorist group views Mecca and Medina as its ultimate prize.

Graphic via the Telegraph

There is currently a security barrier straddling the southern border with Yemen.

Good fences make good neighbors. Throughout history  nations have constructed physical barriers to protect their citizens, yet Israel alone is condemned for her security fence.  Again the moral hypocrisy of the exposed.

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