Saturday, January 31, 2015

Meet the UC Davis student who celebrates Hamas and Sharia: Azka Fayyaz.

Who is Azka Fayyaz, the Student Senator at UC Davis  who celebrated BDS as a victory for "Hamas and Sharia " on her campus?
 There is nothing in her campaign statement that indicates she will use her position to advocate for divestment  There is nothing in her campaign platform to indicate her support for avowed terror groups.

 If divestment wasn't part of the platform that led to the election of Azka Fayyaz, why does anyone think she has a mandate from the student body to proceed in that direction?  There is nothing in her platform to indicate her extremist politics.

 Azka wrote:
Hello Aggies, My name is Azka. Azka Fayyaz. I am a second-year political science major from the beautiful central valley town of Madera, CA. Currently, I am an active member of organizations for students of color including various Middle Eastern and South Asian communities such as the Muslim and Pakistani Student Associations. Additionally, I have taken dynamic roles within ASUCD by serving on the External Affairs Commission and by working with Senator Miles Thomas as a member of his senior staff. Last quarter, I consummated my duties as the head of logistics for the the Muslim Student Association’s West conference, which welcomed over 1,000 attendees to our beautiful campus. In this role, I worked closely with high level UC Davis administration, as well as faculty and students from a host of communities. This opportunity gave me both critical insight into how the school is run from behind the scenes and the places where student concerns were not being met. To address these issues and many more, I ask for your support in my bid to become your ASUCD Senator. My initiatives range from implementing a holistic campus calendar to creating a more robust Club Finance Council, and actively working with administration for an expansion of quiet spaces for study, reflection and prayer. 

Currently, students are largely unaware of the incredible events that can be found on our campus every day. These missed opportunities are both tragic and easy to address: create a centralized calendar for all students to read and contribute to, compiling information from dozens of currently disjointed systems. If elected, I will ensure that the UC Davis population is able to find out about these great opportunities with the creation of a new ASUCD unit. 

According to student leaders and the staff director of the Club Finance Council, the organization’s budget does not meet the needs of the more than 600 clubs who can apply for funding. This funding goes towards creating collaborative and exciting events, but for the last few years, no organization has received the full amount that CFC has determined they should get for the event. I want to reinvest in ASUCD’s most profitable ventures so that we can, in turn, reinvest in one of our Association's greatest resources and meet the needs of CFC. 

With our growing student population, spaces that provide sanctuary for prayer, reflection, and study have become increasingly limited and overcrowded. Fortunately, this increase comes alongside our Association's growing involvement in campus renovations. If elected, I will be the strongest advocate imaginable for quiet spaces, so that students may find respite in prayer, reflection, and study during our long days on campus.

Azka Fayyaz clearly believes in meaningful discourse, as she holds a poster labeling Netanyahu as "Hitler's illegitimate child".  Note the horns.

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

good grief what a hideous creature. she looks like an arabic female version of The Joker. i like how she wears that head scarf while over loading on the make up at the same time.

Anonymous said...

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