Friday, May 20, 2011

Rae Abileah slays AIPAC Vampire Squid with song and dance routine. Story at 11

From an article by Kiera Feldman

"Although AIPAC is also a favorite target of flash mobs, there is no chance that the hawkish pro-Israel lobby will close up shop. It is the Goldman Sachs of Washington’s Middle East policy. May 22-24, AIPAC will hold their annual policy summit in D.C., and nearby will be “Move Over, AIPAC,” a conference hosted by Code Pink, Jewish Voice for Peace, and about 100 other groups collectively challenging the great vampire squid wrapped around Congress’ face. With the Arab Spring sweeping through Palestine this week, and Israel now joining the ranks of Syria et al in killing scores of unarmed protestors—or rather, more unarmed protestors than usual--perhaps AIPAC’s stranglehold will prove untenable. Rae Abileah hinted a choreographed song-and-dance number will be performed within the bowels of AIPAC power, but naturally any details beyond that are secret. You’ll have to wait to see it on YouTube."

Well, Kiera, I'm sure the anti-Semitic imagery was no coincidence

Anti-Semitic cartoon, Nazi Germany 1938

And I'm sure the AIPAC participants will just love to see Rae Abilleah and Jim Harris and all their little friends shake their booties. In the absence of a clear or coherent message, what's left for Code Pink and comrades besides making a spectacle of themselves?


BBJ said...

Vampire squid?

I can't tell what's worse--if they know the old image of the International Jew Octopus, or if they don't, and came up with that image all by their own selves.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Rae and friends tried to interrupt Netanyahu, but they were surrounded by Aipac'ers chanting "BIBI!!!". Chalk it up as another epic fail for Code Pink.

Anonymous said...

they cant sing or dance