Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poll: Palestinian Support for Suicide Attacks Highest in Arab World

From Pew Global Attitudes:

A survey, conducted by the Pew Research Center's Global Attitudes Project March 21-April 26, indicates that 68% of Palestinian Muslims say suicide attacks in defense of Islam can often or sometimes be justified, a level of support essentially unchanged from 2007.

In Egypt, support for suicide bombing is actually on the rise - 28% believe it can be justified, up from 8% in 2007.

"Ideas about the role of Islam in society vary across Muslim nations. In Pakistan, Jordan and Egypt, solid majorities believe laws should be based strictly on the teachings of the Quran, while this is a minority viewpoint in Turkey, Lebanon, Indonesia and the Palestinian territories. Views about Islamic fundamentalism also vary widely -- in Pakistan for instance, Muslims tend to sympathize with fundamentalists, while Lebanese and Turkish Muslims favor those who disagree with fundamentalists"

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