Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Duran Duran to play Tel Aviv concert

Tel Aviv by Duran Duran.

The afternoon, it's one maybe two
Sipping away my last goldstar, not so much to do
Dream away the sunny day until it's time to leave
I'll just watch you pass on by
When I'm on my own in Tel Aviv

With the blocks to one side
The beach on the other
And the trees and the leaves
On my own in Tel Aviv
And the trees and the leaves
On my own in Tel Aviv

From the Daily Jews
Lead singer Simon LeBon is no stranger to Israel. In the late 70s, before he went to university, he spent some time working on a kibbutz which is said to have inspired him to write Tel Aviv. “I have an affection for the country,” le Bon has commented.

Duran Duran will be coming to Tel Aviv this summer, joining musicians Roxette, Moby, Suede, Paul Simon and Bob Dylan, in playing for people, not governments. The iconic British rockers will perform on July 30 2011 at the Tel Aviv fairground.

This will be Duran Duran’s second visit to Israel. They first performed in Tel Aviv and Haifa in 1994.

So, Omar, hows that cultural boycott going, btw?

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