Thursday, May 19, 2011

Artists4Israel paint Hebron. Palestinians throw rocks

For the past two days 15 artists from the US and Europe have been hard at work painting large-scale graffiti art on bulletproof cement walls, homes, and IDF bases near Hebron. And in response, Palestinians threw rocks at them. But just once.

New York City's Craig Dershowitz, president of Artists4Israel worked with Chabad envoy Danny Cohen.

According to Danny Cohen, interviewed in YNET

"...The graffiti painted in Hebron was unique and suited to the complicated atmosphere in the city. "We at Chabad Hebron decided that the visit will be devoid of any political persuasion and more spiritual and historical, without the argument between Left and Right – and this suited them," he said.

The artists paid for the flight to Israel while Chabad offered to pay for all of their needs. "We had to supply some 700 spray cans," Cohen said. "But the city certainly looks different. You cannot but notice the beautiful drawings everywhere."

The artists were confronted with violence just once, outside the city's Kasbah, where Palestinian youths threw stones at them.

"I was sure the incident would put an end to this beautiful project, but this unpleasant occurrence only increased their motivation and the guys just continued to paint. They have this message, 'Art and color will vanquish all stones',"

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