Friday, May 13, 2011

BDS Day of Hate: Epic fail

Visitors at the Buy Israeli Goods Website jumped from 3,700 in February to 49,000 in March, 2011 in response to the March 30 anti-Israel boycott and strong promotional efforts by StandWithUs. Over 9,500 visitors to BIG left to go to the websites of Israeli online sellers.

There you have it. Quantitative proof of Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) as a losing strategy.

What do you have to show for yourself, Omar? Oh, that's right. Your little friends attempted a "flash mob" or two.

Locally, in the belly of beast, Northern California, the absence of a single successful boycott attempt in years of trying has weighed heavily on team Hate. What can you do when all your flash mobs and tabling attempts fail? Why, you resort to petty vandalism.

Berkeley knuckle-draggers show off after vandalizing kosher Israeli food at the local Safeway

The Davis food co-op experienced the same phenomenon- many bottles of kosher wine were vandalized after the Co-op refused to yield to boycott pressure.

Even tiny local stores that refuse to capitulate to the demands of BDS'ers have been targeted. Our beloved Zand market in Albany was recently vandalized- the Persian proprietors refuse to capitulate to the bullies, and will continue to stock the products we all enjoy.

Vandalism. Bullying. Threats. Intimidation. All part of the tool chest of the BDS'ers. Can you say "Loser"? I know you can.


BBJ said...

Does anyone know which Article of the Geneva Conventions prohibits grape-growing?

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

these people are such idiots! look at the way they're posing for the camera. notice what that label says and how they always take things out of context to suite their Israel hating agenda? what's missing in that label is how syria (yeah that same place that's killed nearly 900 of it's own people in the past couple months) was using the Golan Heights for 20 years to terrorize Israel farmers with sniper fire and shelling.
the far left around here are such hypocrites just like bin laden with his Coka Cola and porn stash.