Friday, February 24, 2012

Global March to Jerusalem. Is the Red/Green Alliance Imploding?

Paul Larudee and Deppen Webber are the local organizers of the Global march to Jerusalem. Noura Khouri, embedded in Egypt is also hard at work on the project, which seeks to storm the borders of Israel on March 30.

But the hapless Paul and Deppen have seemed despondent of late. (Have both of them been banned from Israel for 10 years? Whatever could they have done to deserve that?)After all, a 21st century crusade is such brilliant idea, but, according to Paul, they are having trouble finding organizations to endorse this action. Not even the Israel is always wrong folk at JVP want to touch this action with a ten foot pole.

Why, they ask? After all, this assault on the legitimacy and sovereignty of the Jewish homeland had been planned for over a year. Deppen and Paul have spent long hours traveling the capitals of Europe and the Middle east organizing this.

From the ISM website (

"On March 30, 2012, however, the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) will attempt a massive nonviolent march within Palestine, along all its borders and in as many countries as possible around the world. It has been in the works for a year, and most of the major western solidarity organizations have been approached to participate in both the organizing and execution of the project. Despite a recent influx of major endorsements, however, many still refuse or ignore the invitation.


We hear some of the same arguments: that the project is too risky and confrontational. However, it is also true that the project was not the brainchild of any of these solidarity groups, or even of their Palestinian allies. Instead, it came from groups that represent large numbers of Palestinians – including many from the Palestinian expatriate communities in the border countries, such as the refugee camps, the Islamic movements and the supporters of armed resistance groups. "

Paul seems genuinely surprised that American organizations are loathe to associate themselves with organizations that support and endorse terror.

Our friends at CIF Watch have carefully documented the clear links to Iranian extremist groups, as well as the Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood ties of the organizers of the Global march to Jerusalem.

read it here:
Extremists & terror supporters organizing ‘Global March to Jerusalem’
Part 1

and here:
CiF Watch Special Report on Extremists & Terror Supporters organizing ‘Global March to Jerusalem’
Part 2

And in a new report published at CIF Watch, Hadar Sela documents the infighting and divisions among the organizers of this action.

‘Global March to Jerusalem’ Update: Quarrels within anti-Zionist ‘Sunni-Shia/Red-Green’ Alliance?


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

oh wonderful, even more good news.

Doodad said...

These clowns have wayyyyyy too much time on their hands. Someone needs to tell em to get a haircut and get a real job.

AKUS said...

We just found your blog!

The list of supporting organizations for the MMM seems to include every lonely person on the planet whose life revolves around finding ways to attack Israel for lack of anything else to do.

I suspect there will be about 100 die-hards who will actually try something, with cameras rolling to capture scenes of Israel dispersing their little crowd to be distributed on the 'net as examples of "Israeli brutality". The biggest turnout will be in Trafalgar Square.