Friday, February 17, 2012

Americans Support for Israel continues to grow

The Reut Institute called 2011 the year we punched back.

Indeed it was . The organized Jewish community as well as grassroots activists (the dis-organized community?) waged a relatively successful efforts to contain the assault on Israel's legitimacy and her right to exist.

According to Reut:
"These achievements are primarily the result of growing attention dedicated to the challenge, increasing comprehension of its global nature, and timely dedication of resources to fight against it. Indeed, all over the world,Israel and its allies have achieved small but significant ‘triumphs.’"

These efforts are beginning to have a long term effect. According to a recent Gallup poll, support for Israel amongst Americans rose 3% last year.

"Americans are feeling more favorably toward several of the United States' major allies in 2012 than they have in the past. This year's ratings for Canada (96%), Australia (93%), Germany (86%), Japan (83%), and India (75%) are all record highs for those countries in Gallup trends that stretch back at least a decade. Additionally, the survey finds Great Britain (90%), France (75%), and Israel (71%) rated near their all-time highs."

With anti-Israel propagandists working overtime on their provacatillas du jour, it good to see that support for America's only real ally in the Middle east is continuing to grow.

Yes, Alison Weir. Americans Do Know, and that's why they support Israel.


Anonymous said...

The Palestinians have a positive rating of 19%, ahead of Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Korea and Iran. Nice....

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i like to think the much increased local pro-Israel presence on Youtube last year helped.