Sunday, February 19, 2012

Palestinians stone Christians in Jerusalem

The tension on the Temple Mount is ratcheting up, the flames fanned by various hate groups on Facebook and twitter. The incitement is clearly building to a crescendo timed for the Global march to Jerusalem.

Today's victims were a group of Christian tourists, attacked by a Palestinian mob that assaulted them with rocks. Police arrested 11 Palestinians, several of them minors, for their role in the attack.

From Israel today:

"The attack is believed to have been instigated by the former Muslim mufti of Jerusalem, Ekrama Sabri, who told Palestinian media over the weekend that Jewish groups were planning to break into the mosques that occupy the holy compound and desecrate them.

Sabri urged all local Muslims to protect the mosques from "the Israeli conspiracy against the city and its holy places."

Muslim religious figures regularly claim that Israel is plotting to destroy the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque to pave the way for the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple, which the Muslims now insist never previously existed.

Because of the constant threat of Muslim violence, and despite the fact that the Temple Mount is the most holy place on earth to Jews and many Christians, the Israeli police comply with Muslim demands for harsh restrictions on non-Muslim visitors to the site. For instance, Jews and Christians are forbidden to carry Bibles atop the Temple Mount or to utter even silent prayers within its walls. Jews and Christians are regularly detained for violating these conditions."

Friends of Sabeel, North America are planning two northern California Conferences next month, in Sunnyvale and in Sacramento. Looking at their workshops, it is clear that the violence directed towards Christians in the middle east is the furthest thing from their minds. Sabeels only raison d'etre is demonization of the state of the Jewish people, Israel.

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