Saturday, February 25, 2012

Near lynching of Israeli teenagers in Haifa

Haifa, sister city of San Francisco, another city by the bay, has been noted for its diversity and tolerance. Until now. Details are emerging of a horrifying attack on two 19 year olds, as reported in YNET

“After we parked the car, another vehicle approaching quickly stopped next to us,” one victim said. “They asked us whether we’re Jewish, and then started yelling ‘Jews, Jews.’ We ran in different directions but they chased us.”

“They caught up with me and started to beat me up with clubs all over my body. I felt they wanted to murder me,” he said. “I saw about 15 or 20 people and felt I was finished.”

According to the second victim, the assailants came out of three vehicles equipped with clubs and metal rods.

“Seven or eight people grabbed hold of me, beat me up and kicked me all over my body,” he said. “They also tried to hit my head with a club, but I protected myself with my arms. That’s why my arms were pulverized. They hit also my head and pelvis with a rock.”

During the savage assault, the attackers decided to “leave their mark” on one of the victims, resorting to a particularly brutal tactic.

“At one point they pounded my head against the pavement,” one soldier said. “One of them grabbed hold of my arms and someone who stood above me engraved something on my head using a knife or a sharp object. I fainted.”

As it turned out, the assailants engraved the words “you dog” in Arabic on the victim’s head. "

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The back of the hill said...

I believe that's what Women in Black, Q.U.I.T., and Students fro Justice in Palestine refer to as "non-violent resistance".