Monday, February 20, 2012

Its Not about the "Occupation". It never was

Everyone in the Bay Area has heard it. Its all about "The Occupation". Just the "occupation". Never mind that the vast spectrum of anti-Israel activists from Women in black to Al Awda wouldn't accept a homeland for the Jewish people within any border. Its still about the "occupation".

Except that its not.

According to an AWRAD Poll of Palestinians 15-30 years old only 5.8% most concerned by Israeli Occupation.
Are American anti-Zionists that far removed from reality?
Apparently the answer is "yes"

The results from the AWAD poll, as published in IMRA

To you personally, which of the following issues is causing the most concern in your life? Please rank from 1(being most concerning)to 8 (being least concerning)

Finding a job 35.2%
Covering the expenses of my education 20.6%
Corruption in public life 12.9%
My personal freedoms 11.1%
The expenses of marriage including housing 6.8%
Occupation 5.8%
Unstable social/psychological situation 3.7%
Dealing with boredom as there is nothing fun to do 2.6%
The consequences of the Wall 1.5%

In your opinion, which one of the following is the best means to reach an independent Palestinian state?

to reach an agreement between the two parties 19.6%
An international conference that imposes a settlement on 16.1%
A non-violent popular uprising 13.4%
Armed/militant confrontations 19.0%
A mix of non-violent and militant means 30.5%
Other 0.7%
Don't know 0.7%

Results of an Opinion Poll among Palestinian Youth
Publication Date: 1 February 2012
Fieldwork: 15-17 January 2012

Sample Size: 1200 Palestinian Youth in the West Bank & Gaza (18-30 years
Margin of error: + 3 %

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