Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Anti-Israel Moderator Bias at Reddit

Reddit calls itself "the front page of the internet". If that's the case, it scares me to see whats on the back page.

A long term Reddit user posted a link to the 1911 Encyclopedia  Britannica  "Palestine" article originally seen here at  Pro Israel Bay Bloggers.   (Thank you for that)  And it was immediately deleted with this note:

"Your submission has been removed because it was an opinion that contained little or no factual data, which is a violation of the /r/Israel rules. Further infractions may result in a ban"

It was a bloody article from an encyclopedia. It was nothing but facts. The 1911 Britannica is particularly treasured. 

Robert Collison, in Encyclopaedias: Their History Throughout The Ages (1966), wrote that the eleventh edition  "was probably the finest edition of the Britannica ever issued, and it ranks with the Enciclopedia Italiana and the Espasa as one of the three greatest encyclopaedias. It was the last edition to be produced almost in its entirety in Britain, and its position in time as a summary of the world's knowledge just before the outbreak of World War I is particularly valuable."

This is a blatant example of moderator bias at Reddit.  When crowd sourced social media and web sites such as Reddit and yes, Wikipedia  become overrun with those more comfortable with promoting a narrow political agenda than  with truth and facts, we all suffer.

To those more familiar with Reddit- are there ways to report moderator "eatyurbrains" for bias?  Is there a protocol for removing people with a  documented biased political agenda?

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Linnea said...

What usually happens is you get "shadow banned". None of your comments appear, and you never know why. Its why I stopped using Reddit. Fuck that.