Sunday, February 16, 2014

Five Minutes for Israel: Report Facebook blood libel page

Our friends at Five Minutes for Israel ask

By what possible Community Standard does Facebook think a page devoted to Jewish ritual murder aka the Blood Libel is acceptable and not hate speech?

The story:
A repulsive and anti-Semitic Facebook page entitled Jewish Ritual Murder was been repeatedly reported to Facebook as being in violation of community standards. Facebook has refused to remove this classic blood libel.

Five Minutes for Israel suggests:

Action Item

  • Report the page Jewish ritual murder. As we discovered in Facebook lowers the bar Facebook divides administration of complaints between four centres: two in the US, one in Dublin and the other in Hyderabad, India. Perhaps where the complaint is handled makes a difference? Perhaps even who handles it? I have never received a reply so quickly (20 mins tops) as this one. Next shift may look at it differently.
  • When they send you a note, you can rate their service. There is a suggestion that only on the 2nd appeal will someone actually look at your complaint (the first time maybe is just an automatic software function). [HT Rotem Abstructure]
Couldn't hurt to try.  Go for it, and let us know what happens.

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Sarah said...

I just filed my third report. The first two were blown off as does-not-violate-community standards in under 20 seconds. I gave them feedback disagreeing and still got no results. I wrote on the corporate HQ page and still no action.