Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Where is it illegal to be gay?

Is it really "Pinkwashing" if its true? A info-graphic from the BBC drives home the fact that Israel is the only  nation in the Middle East and north Africa, where the LGBT community has full legal and civil rights.

                        Where is it illegal to be gay?

 Just a few of the many reasons we have pride in Israel

LGBT Rights in Israel:
* Gays have had full civil rights since 1992
* Gays have full rights to serve in the military
* Gays have partner adoption rights
* Gays have partner benefits for governmental employees
* Same gender marriages preformed abroad are recognized.

LGBT Pride in Israel
* The first transgender person to win the Eurovison contest was Israeli Dana International with her song "Diva".
* Openly gay singer Ivri Lidder is one of Israel's most popular entertainers.
* Openly gay movie producer Eytan Fox has created such popular movies Yossi and Jagger, Walk on Water and The Bubble
* Openly gay politicians have served in the Kenneset and on many local councils.

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