Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Northeastern SJP suspended

"Mock eviction" notices are one of the tired tools of harassment the publicity crazed anti-Israel campus activists keep in their tool chest.

Apparently, at Massachusetts Northeastern University, the "Students for just us in Palestine" took it too far, upsetting and intimidating students already stressed by midterms.

From the Northeastern Hillel website:
Students in several residence halls woke up on Monday morning to fake “eviction notices” under their doors.  The notices were designed to appear as if they were legitimate, leading some students to believe that they were actually being evicted– during midterms.  The mock eviction notice is a publicity stunt that has been used at other college campuses in the past.  It includes factually inaccurate content about Israel and is part of a campaign of intimidation and fear used to manipulate public opinion against Israel.
 The incendiary content and irresponsible delivery of the material runs counter to the values of community and civil discourse upon which we pride ourselves at Northeastern.  Rather than seeking to prompt dialogue, the fake eviction notices alarmed and intimidated students in their homes, in clear violation of Northeastern policy.

We are in communication with Student Affairs regarding this incident, who have been quick to respond to student concerns.  The administration is working with the Northeastern University Police Department to conduct a thorough investigation...
The University administration acted quickly. This note was sent to the students affected by the notices, by  Robert Jose, the Associate Dean of Cultural, Residential and Spiritual Life at the University:
 Dear Residents,

Several of you have reported receiving flyers labeled as mock “eviction notices” in recent days. The flyers were distributed by individuals who did not receive permission from the university and did not comply with our policies. The incidents are under investigation and we are addressing the situation with the responsible parties.

 Northeastern University is an environment that fosters open dialogue and encourages discourse. Most importantly, we are committed to providing the safe environment for our entire community where the exchange of diverse ideas can take place. We understand that these incidents were at odds with this mission and made many of you feel uncomfortable.

 We do not condone any behavior that causes members of our community to feel targeted and/or intimidated. If you would like to talk to someone about how this has impacted you, feel free to reach out to me personally, or to any of the following offices: NU Hillel; the Center for Spirituality, Dialogue and Service or the Residential Life staff in your residence hall.

 If you have any information that might aid the NUPD’s investigation into this matter, please feel free to contact them at 617-373-2121.

Robert O. Jose
Associate Dean, Cultural, Residential and Spiritual Life

The Northeastern University SJP chapter has been suspended for at least a year, and two students face additional disciplinary charges, and may face expulsion.

True to form, the SJP chapter wasted no time in proclaiming themselves the victims

With profound disappointment and righteous indignation Northeastern University Students for Justice in Palestine announces it has been suspended as an organization. SJP is disappointed because Northeastern’s claims of creating a diverse learning environment that encourages the free exchange of ideas and promotes Academic Freedom are impossible to reconcile with the university’s decision to suppress our speech and suspend our political group. As if banning our activities from campus and denying us all use of campus resources wasn’t outrageous enough, the university is pursuing expulsion-level sanctions for two students—all for participation in a mock eviction action. SJP is furious to report the only individuals to face our school’s opaque disciplinary process are two young women of color; none of the white or male participants have faced any charges. This unprecedented ban and appalling prosecutions are the latest attempt by the university to suppress pro-Palestine speech, and continues the university’s disturbing history of enacting injustice. 
As the Twitterati have gleefully pointed out, the Northeastern Chapter of SJP isn't the most together group, apparently once neglecting to show up for a protest that they had organized. Via the Northeastern SJP facebook page


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