Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hen Mazzig: The power of Hope

 Via Youtube: A TED talk with Hen Mazzig

Hen Mazzig, StandWithUs Northwest's Israeli representative, is an energetic, engaging, tremendous representative of Israel's next generation. Hen is a former lieutenant in a unit called COGAT, and worked as an intermediary between the the IDF and the Palestinian Authority (the PA) the UN, and the many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that work in the West Bank. Hen's unit was responsible for overseeing the construction of medical facilities, schools, environmental projects, roads, and water-related infrastructure in the Palestinians, and part of the Palestinian Authority for security coordination with the Palestinian Security Forces.

Hen describes the chain of events that led him to join the IDF's COGAT Unit- the humanitarian branch of the IDF that helps the Palestinians by building infrastructure. He talks about the hope and the vision of Israelis and Palestinians, working together for a better future.

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