Saturday, March 15, 2014

Israel is the best country in the Middle East for women's rights

According to the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap survey Israel is the best country in the Middle East for women's rights and freedoms. 

The Global Gender Gap Report, introduced by the World Economic Forum in 2006, provides a framework for capturing the magnitude and scope of gender-based disparities around the world. The index benchmarks national gender gaps on economic, political, education- and health-based criteria and provides country rankings that allow for effective comparison across regions and income groups and over time.
The rankings are designed to create greater awareness among a global audience of the challenges posed by gender gaps and the opportunities created by reducing them. The methodology and quantitative analysis behind the rankings are intended to serve as a basis for designing effective measures for reducing gender gaps.

 In 2013, Israel ranked #53 for women's rights worldwide - up two places since 2012 - but top for the Middle East overall. 

Read the 397 page report entire report here

Just a prediction: Want to bet the likes of Richard Silverstein will report this as "Israel scores a dismal 53 place in  world gender equality"?

UPDATE: (Amazing how the anti-Israel cru is so predictable)

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