Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jerusalem String Quartet: Making Beautiful Music

One of the main fallacies of the Israeli boycott being directed against companies and organizations that "support the occupation" is simply that anything- and I mean anything- can and will be used by the hate cru as "supporting the occupation".

An American manufactured hummus providing care packages to lone soldiers in Israel? Yep. Sending snacks to 18 year olds far from their home "supports the occupation".

Selling consumer goods over the green line- even if both Palestinians and Israelis buy them- "supports the occupation".

Paying taxes in Israel? That too "supports the occupation"

And some nice young men playing beautiful music? Apparently, that also "supports the occupation".

An anti-Israel group in the UK is planning on protesting the Jerusalem String Quartet. Their screed practically drips with venom.

Protest at the Jerusalem Quartet - In Birmingham

Please respond to the calls for a protest outside Birmingham Town Hall to urge a boycott of the Zionist-linked Jerusalem String Quartet playing at the Town Hall, Birmingham. The Quartet is officially part of the Israeli Defence forces, performs in the illegal West Bank settlements and for Israeli embassies around the world. They are official cultural ambassadors for Israel - they promote the interests of the state and provide a cultural veneer for its policies against the Palestinians, sanitising the brutality of the Israeli State.
This is why Palestine support groups back the call for the cultural boycott of Pro-Zionist performers and artists. Come and inform people about Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian land, its ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem, the apartheid nature of the Israeli state and its attempt to starve the people of Gaza into submission.

The protest is scheduled for Town Hall, Victoria Square, Birmingham, UK

Jews and Methodists and all people of clear conscience realize that boycotts of companies "supporting the occupation" are simply an entry drug into full BDS - and its just another way to demonize the state of the Jewish people.

So, right now- lets show the BDS'ers what we think about the Jerusalem String quartet, playing Alexander Borodin's String Quartet D-Major, N.2 Notturno. Watch and listen and rate it up.

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