Thursday, March 8, 2012

UNESCO votes to keep Syria on the UN Human Rights panel

UNESCO voted 35-8 to allow Syria to stay on human rights panel.
Lets put this in context.

8,000–11,000 people have been killed in Syria at the hands of their own Government, in the last year. Many more have been injured. Tens of thousands of protesters have been imprisoned. Over 600 political prisoners have died under torture. UNICEF has reported that over 400 children have been killed.

From UN Watch

“For UNESCO to keep President Bashar al-Assad on a human rights committee while his regime mercilessly murders its own people is immoral, indefensible and an insult to Syria’s victims,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, the Geneva human rights group that heads a campaign of 55 parliamentarians, human rights and religious groups demanding Syria’s expulsion.

“The world squandered a golden opportunity to expose the Assad regime’s lack of legitimacy. Politics trumped human rights, with too many UNESCO diplomats fearful that if Syria were removed for gross violations, their own regimes would be next.”

“Today’s appalling decision calls into question the credibility of UNESCO’s mission to promote human rights. Syria’s membership is a lingering stain upon the reputation of the UN as a whole,” said Neuer.

This is an unconscionable evil, and shows how out of touch with reality UNESCO, and indeed, the entire United nations is.

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