Friday, March 30, 2012

Global march to Jerusalem Fails to Meet Organizers Expectations

The latest high profile publicity stunt from the "I hate Israel" cru has fizzled and burned, with more people chosing to run in the Tel Aviv marathon than storming Israel's borders

The "peaceful" demonstration instead was marred by activists throwing rocks and firebombs in a vain attempt to provoke an Israeli reaction.

From Adam Kredo

"Pro-Palestinian activists involved in the Global March on Jerusalem (GMJ) criticized Israel on Twitter Friday after violent protests along Israel’s borders forced the deployment of tear gas and resulted in injuries—but downplayed the fact that rocks and firebombs had been thrown by protesters to instigate the clashes.

Pictures and videos from the protest—which aims to “end the Apartheid, ethnic cleansing and Judaisation policies affecting the people, land and sanctity of Jerusalem”—reveal that self-described “peaceful” protestors have been throwing firebombs and rocks at Israeli border police.

Twitter user Captain Barak Raz, who identifies himself as a spokesperson for the Israeli Defense Force’s division in the West Bank, posted a video of protesters throwing a firebomb at Israeli security forces.

“Firebombs on security forces peaceful protest???,” Raz tweeted when linking to the video. “#Yeahright.”

He continues

"Middle East experts decried the one-sided lambasting of Israeli security forces.

“GMJ uses the same PR tactic that has become standard for all the terrorist groups who attack Israel. They want to put the Israelis in a situation where they have to kill people,” said Noah Pollak, executive director of the Emergency Committee for Israel. “Hamas, Hezbollah, GMJ—it’s all the same strategy: force the IDF to kill people, get it on video, kick back and enjoy the media furor.”

Hadar Sela, a Middle East writer and researcher, said, “The whole project was to create a PR disaster for Israel.”

“It comes as no surprise to see [Global March to Jerusalem] organizers and activists trying to get their pre-determined message out to the media by use of spin, even though that message has absolutely no foundation in the reality of the events which they initiated today,” Sela said.

Heading into the event, GMJ organizers referred to Israelis as Nazis and claimed that they are “ready for martyrdom.”

“Israel has gone crazy, and they are acting no different than Nazi’s. Our response to them is a response of bravery,” Firouz Mitiborwala, a GMJ-backer, told the Iranian-controlled Fars News Agency. 'We are ready for martyrdom for our Palestinian brothers.""

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