Thursday, March 1, 2012

Exposing the Global march to Jerusalem

Our friends at CiF Watch have launched a new website 'Global March to Jerusalem – Exposing the Truth ' that promises to be a tremendous resource to the forces of goodness and light.

From their Press Release:

"A month before the scheduled 'Global March to Jerusalem' (GMJ), CiF Watch has launched a major new website designed to act as a resource for journalists, bloggers, policy makers and members of the law enforcement community seeking to learn more about the individuals and organizations behind the GMJ.

As was the case in previous years, a series of high-profile publicity stunts aimed at undermining Israel's legitimacy are planned for the coming months. The first major event is scheduled to take place on March 30, 2012 and is named 'The Global March to Jerusalem' (GMJ).

The concept behind it is to have a million people marching on Israel’s borders from all the surrounding countries – Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt – with the aim of reaching Jerusalem. Concurrently, demonstrations are planned in the Palestinian-administrated territories and against Israel's diplomatic missions in major cities throughout the world.

Extensive research into the march's organizers demonstrates that the Global March to Jerusalem is a result of collaboration between far left extremists, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups, and has the backing of the Iranian government.

"The organizers of this march are undoubtedly aware that no country will permit mass illegal infiltration of its borders, especially by people who identify with terrorist groups and regimes dedicated to its destruction”, stated Hadar Sela, author of two seminal reports on the Global March to Jerusalem, “The results, therefore, are likely to be tragic".

Adam Levick, managing editor of CiF Watch added "It is clear that the organizers and leadership of the Global March to Jerusalem are comprised almost exclusively of terror supporters and extremists who oppose a Jewish state within any borders, and are intent on organizing a potentially violent provocation with the sole aim of eroding Israel’s legitimacy.”

Visit the site, and learn about the alarming links to extremism and terror in this 21st century crusade

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this.

I wrote a letter to march supporter Dr. Clayborne Carson at Stanford University, who ironically is head of the MLK Institute there. Below is his email address and the content of my letter, if anyone else is interested in doing something similar.

Subject: Global March on Jerusalem

Dr. Carson:

Many of us who have long been believers of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his impact are greatly disappointed by your decision to support terrorists who wage physical and psychological war on the western world through one of Dr. King's revered models of democracy, Israel. He made no secret of his support for this tiny country and its people, and those who have followed him have acknowledged that Israel is the buffer that protects the rest. Those specializing in history of the region have acknowledged the challenges keeping a people alive and thriving despite radical religion-driven hatred that is seeping across borders and threatening more than just "zionists" - not because of "zionists," but in spite of them. This undoubtedly leads to errors on both sides, the difference being that only one is consistently held to a higher standard by the world community, despite both receiving financial support.

As a scholar recently noted , ""The organizers of this march are undoubtedly aware that no country will permit mass illegal infiltration of its borders, especially by people who identify with terrorist groups and regimes dedicated to its destruction”. The world knows Israel will not react as Iran, Syria, or other similar countries would react to constant threats, or even to civilizations trying to thrive. The fact that Africans and Native Americans were subdued and continue to suffer because of the imperialist nature of the very countries that criticize Israel - especially given those countries' lack of historical connection to the land they plundered - is a hippocritical addition to the blatant propaganda that laces the arguments of radical Islamists and their appeasers.

How can you, a citizen of the free world, support legitimization of terrorists over that of a people who have saved many, many lives in your institution's hospitals with their contributions to science and medicine? Who have given a better quality of life and more rights to their enemies and "victims" than the latter received in their brethren countries?

I understand you are a professor of American History, but given your apparent dedication to Middle East issues, have you read the Quran? Do you understand the xenophobic nature of Israel's enemies (recent news stories notwithstanding)? The nature of their hate? Are you aware of events that led up to Israel's independence from the British? That once Jews returned home after being chased out themselves, neighboring Arabs poured in for Jew-generated job opportunities and then claimed indigenous status? That it was the Egyptian military that ordered Israel's Arabs to withdraw from the land in 1948 so it could be cleansed of Jews? Do you also know that the Quran specifies several times that Israel belongs to the Jews?

Given that you serve to represent Dr. King's vision, I hope you will reconsider your decision to contradict him in such a way that could destroy his dream on a global level.


Ossie Sharon