Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kitzel's Olympia Deli needs our help.

From StandWithUs

"The anti-Israel boycott activists in Olympia have targeted Kitzel’s delicatessen for boycott because they are willing to host pro-Israel speakers and they sell Israeli goods!
Do you have friends in or near Olympia, Washington?
We need to support Kitzel’s deli! How can you help Kitzel’s?

Encourage people to eat and shop there. If you happen to pass by Olympia, stop and buy up more deli than you need at Kitzel’s.

Kitzel's Deli is located at:
514 Capitol Way S, Olympia, WA 98501

And starting next week, you can buy some of their products online. Maybe Kitzels will be the perfect place to begin your Pesach shopping.

Please send the owner, Hava Aviv, messages of support. Contact Hava at Kitzel’s – hava (at )
"Like" Kitzels on facebook.

Thank you in advance for fighting against intimidation, against intolerance, against the denial of free speech in support of Israel.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Kitzels for standing for what is right. We heard Ran Bar-Yoshefat at Watchmen on the Walls and it was such a warm, welcoming evening for him in the midst of friends of Yisrael that I believe he was a bit startled. What is right is right and intimidation, intolerance, the denial of free speech and hatemongering is not welcome now or ever. Hava be brave, Ha'shem IS in control. May your courage be rewarded as one of our heros. Blessings and good business! Shalom, calmness and contentment amid adversity! Golda