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Radical Islam Killed That Rabbi and Those Children

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The humanitarian racists over at Daily Kos cannot bring themselves to face the obvious fact that the murderer in Toulouse was a Jihadi. Mohammed Merah was a self-identified member of al Qaeda and received "training" from that organization in Afghanistan. He was steeped in a political culture that is not at all uncommon in the mosques throughout Europe, as it is not uncommon in the mosques of the Middle East, wherein people are taught hatred for non-Muslims and genocidal incitement toward Jews and infidels.

The reason that I call the Daily Kos people "humanitarian racists" is because they hold such a low opinion of non-whites that they absolutely cannot bring themselves to ever hold them responsible for anything.  Any time a Muslim or an Arab behaves in a brutal or violent fashion, they always blame Israel or the United States.

In one of the few "diaries" on the subject of the Toulouse Massacre over at Daily Kos, Ian Reifowitz writes the following:

To be clear, this is not about Israelis or Jews versus Palestinians or Muslims. "The Palestinians" didn't kill these people. Neither did "the Muslims." This is about hate. Hatred of France and its soldiers, and hatred of Jews. One person carried out this act, a person who was, according to what the French government has said, trained by an organization and a movement that distorts Islam. A movement that can today apparently reach anywhere and kill children. That's what chills me.

G-d forbid anyone should actually name the movement that can "apparently reach anywhere and kill children."

So, Mr. Reifowitz, can you tell us just what this movement is? You say "the Muslims" did not kill that rabbi and those children. I agree. But is anyone arguing otherwise? Is there anyone, anywhere writing in anything that even approaches a responsible journal claiming "the Muslims" done it?

Of course, not.

One person carried out this act, a person who was, according to what the French government has said, trained by an organization and a movement...

Well, if the one person responsible for the actual murders was trained by a movement (and I would add, trained to hate by a movement), I would think that this movement also holds responsibility for the perfectly foreseeable results of its genocidal ideology. Let us not be coy, Mr. Reigowitz, you know as well as I, or you should, that this "movement" you speak of has a name and a history and is, in fact, currently spreading like wild-fire throughout the Middle East under the misnomer "Arab Spring."

It is the very movement that Barack Obama has hailed as an Arab version of either the Revolution of '76 or the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s that is responsible for the construction of hatred toward Jews and infidels that led to the slaughter in Toulouse. Radical Islam, or political Islam, or whatever term one might wish to use, is a movement grounded in genocide. This should not be surprising given the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood, who Obama actually visited with even before they came to power in Egypt, has a history that goes not only to a fundamentalist understanding of Islam, but to Nazi Germany, as well.

Of course, most "progressives" do not know this. The reason that they do not know this is because they do not read the history of radical Islam. The reason that they do not read the history of radical Islam is because that would actually require acknowledging that radical Islam exists. But they cannot bring themselves to acknowledge this because then other "progressives" would wag their fingers and call them nasty names like "Islamophobe."

And, so, when a Jihadi murders Jewish children in France, western "progressives" trip all over themselves trying to protect the very movement that is behind those murders by blaming anything but the actual culprit. They blame the United States for "imperialism" and "colonialism," with the implication that if only the United States was not so mean then Muslim fanatics would have no reason to murder perfectly innocent little Jewish girls in Toulouse. They blame Israel for the "occupation" with the implication that if only Israel was not so mean to the Palestinian uber-victims then Muslim fanatics would have no reason to murder perfectly innocent little Jewish girls in Toulouse.

But the truth is that radical Islam killed that rabbi and those little girls.  A French Muslim murdered some French soldiers and a French rabbi and some French Jewish girls.  This had absolutely nothing to do with the United States, nor Israel, and everything to do with a political movement that continues to preach hatred.

Yet, if I say so, it makes me the racist in the minds of "progressives" who would not acknowledge the Jihad... if they were blindfolded... and on their knees... in a basement... in Karachi.

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radical Islamists are cowards and vile scum that deserve severe punishment for encouraging the murder of Jews and disbelievers that is all