Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Donna and Darlene Wallach - San Jose social queens

Rafish baseball caps and keffiyehs look HOT! Stunning, zesty, and asexualiscious, in fact!
Man, I just cannot believe how over-the-top sultry these damsels look in their matching scarfs and scowls!

Yes, I am talking about everyone's favorite modish ex-Israelites, Donna and Darlene Wallach, beloved residents of San Jose, though in spirit they roam the workers paradise of Gaza.


In addition to dancing for secular pro-Hamas joy at the intersection of corner of Market & San Carlos Streets, as detailed
here (from this blog http://proisraelbaybloggers.blogspot.com/) and lauded here, they also enjoy the company of people of faith, most recently at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Fresno - you can read about their promotion of universal love and sisterhood here.
[All articles from this website http://fresnozionism.org/). ]

A witness spoke of his extreme and toothsome delight at hearing these two dotty darlings detail why they despise Israel, the Jewish people in general, and many of their nearest and dearest kin in the whole wide world.
It was both moving and inspiring. A feast for eye and ear.

They also like long walks on the beach, hot darabouka rhythms, communing with the spirits of nature, and cruises.
They've been instrumental in a number of boat trips to exotic locales - jaunts like 'Eastern Mediterranean Romance', plus 'Mystic Medicine Spirit Journey', and 'Cyprus Summer Holiday'. Such adventure!
[From this blog: http://www.zionism-israel.com/israel_news/]


The fullness of their days may (unfortunately) exclude the possibilities of meaningful family life, but while they have each other, they have no need to run any personal ads or fill out questionnaires about 29 levels of compatibility - they are as compatible as they will ever need to be.

Donna and Darlene, you are loved.


Anonymous said...

Donna and darlene Wallach might be the best argument I've ever seen for the enforced wearing of the burqua

Chaim ben David said...

Now now darlin', don't hate them cause they're ugly, hate 'em cause they're a blight.

OH! I see what you mean.... burkas muffle sound too!

Well, then, never mind. They deserve to be burked.