Thursday, September 10, 2009

J Street, Court Jews to the president

Over at BlueTruth, the good doctor has yielded the stand to Lawrence W White MD. The result is quite fascinating. Prepare yourself a nice hot cup of tea, and sit down for an intellectual adventure.

Cogent excerpt:
"In the widening divide between American and Israeli Jews over concern for the future of Israel, there are many American Jews who have taken positions harmful to the security of the Jewish state. There are many reasons for this. Jews who have successfully moved into the larger society may wish to establish themselves as "progressives", with a universalist rather than particularist world view. They may fear, and wish to deflect, appearances of dual loyalty. They may strive to sidestep potential anti-Semitism by avoiding perceptions that they are less than fully American."

The piece was originally posted at American Thinker:
You can read it at either internet site.

"During its short history, J Street has built up an extensive list of positions detrimental to Israel. With respect to Iran, they have defended Iran’s nuclear weapons program"

It should be mentioned that even one Islamic nation with nuclear capabilities is too many. India will remain forever threatened by the very real possibility that Pakistan goes rogue, or that in a fit of paranoia, pique, or outright insane hatred, the Pakistani military gambles on the bomb rather than on reason. It is only a matter of time before that happens.
Iran is no less dangerous than Pakistan, but far less involved in making nice to the world. That alone argues against J Street and their Iran position.

Israel has proven, time and again, that it is a greater friend of the United States and the Western World than any number of Muslims - whose collective pro-American actions do not match Israel's, and are far outweighed by their frequent anti-American manifestations. The Muslim world has still a long way to go to undo the ill-repute they deserve.
J Street, in its pandering to extremes proves itself no friend of Israel, America, or Obama.


Anonymous said...

"J Street" appears to be yet another misguided effort on the part of terribly naive "progresives". Two recent news stories are illustrative. The first was that J Street is attracting significant donations from anti-Israel sources(who REALLY like J Street's message!) And then there was the proposed merger with B'tselem. In reality, the diplomatic ball has been in the Palestinans' court for a long time now. Rather than pressuring Israel, it would make alot more sense to pressure the intransigent side for a change.

Itsolusenz said...
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RonMossad said...

Just because someone calls themselves “pro-Israel” doesn’t necessarily make it so.

In the end, J Street is a great “hope and change” alternative to real Israel lobbying. Hope for terrorists and change that reduces the support for the only real democracy in the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered a new blog- J street Jive. Get to know it- it will be a good resource for those of us that support Israel's existence as the state of the Jewish people

Their mission statement:

JStreetJive was started to provide deep background information on the new organization, J Street.

While the majority of J Street grass roots supporters are indeed "Pro-Israel" in the sense that they believe in the Jewish people's need for and the right to its historical and sovereign homeland, J Street's leadership has demonstrated a cavalier attitude towards existential threats to Israel, a hyper-critical record against Israel and a virtually uncritical policy vis a vis Palestinians and Arab states.

Accuracy and accountability will be the watchwords of JStreetJive