Saturday, September 26, 2009

Alice Walker in touch with her inner bigot

One of the constants regarding the Middle-East is that profoundly ignorant people feel obliged to voice opinions in favor of a perceived underdog, without grasping the history and complexity of the issue, and without any shred of knowledge, decency, or fairness.
Facts are too much too handle. Details prevent a glib pandering to peanut gallery. Truth may be disregarded in service to ideology.

Reality and rhetoric are not the same.

Celebrities often favor rhetoric.

"Walker said her decision to visit Gaza, along with members of the U.S. anti-war group Code Pink, was spurred by the recent death of an older sister. She said she felt a connection to Gazans who lost loved ones in the war. "I wanted very much to be with them and to bear witness to what is happening to them, this horrible, catastrophic, terrible thing," she said."
End quote.


"Walker did not respond directly when asked whether Hamas - - - should be held responsible for Gaza's hardships.
"I think all of us have an opportunity here to just say what we believe, which is we think killing is wrong, we think stealing land is wrong, we think abusing people is wrong," she said."
End quote.

Miss Walker, would you care to explain that to the other side? Particularly to those who support AND bankroll some of the most murderous madmen on the planet?

Groups such as Fatah, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, the Ba'ath Socialist Parties of both Iraq and Syria, the Jund Ansar Allah, the Saudi compradores who fund the various psychopaths for Allah that infest the lands between the Atlantic and the Persian Gulf, the Islamists in Europe who send money to "charities", the social activists who gloss over crimes against humanity perpetrated by revolutionaries ........ my heavens, the list is nearly endless.

You HAVE spoken to them, haven't you, Ms. Walker? Because to simply castigate the Jews, as if the actions of Israel happen without reason or provocation, and entirely in a vacuum, would be dishonest, hypocritical, and fundamentally racist.

Surely you have delved into the issues?

"I want the Israeli government to be made accountable"
Alice Walker, in The Guardian, Tuesday 1 April 2008

Actually, I know you haven't. You have NOT investigated the issues. You took the pro-Palestinian side automatically. Ivan Petrovich could have studied you.
You have so thoroughly rejected the Jewishness to which, so briefly, you were exposed, that you take out your anger on the Jews. You defensively cloak yourself with the many incomplete Jews who do the same, telling yourself and your readers that no, you cannot be an anti-Semite, you know so many Jews..... some of your best friends are Jews..... you were even MARRIED to one of them once.....

Nor have you addressed yourself to the Janjaweed, who rape and murder black Muslims and Christians in the Sudan. You do not address yourself to the Arabicized Somalis, who hack off hands and slaughter those who are not as fanatical as themselves about their Salafist / Wahhabi ideology. You have not spoken to the fanatics in Pakistan and Afghanistan who violate and kill in the name of Allah.
Iran hangs gays, heretics, and rape victims - Ms. Walker, where is your voice? The Saudis forbid any religion but their own, Ms. Walker, have you taken them to task? Egyptians discriminate against Christians daily, dear Alice - not worthy of your mention?

Do you know what the phrase 'double standard' means?

There are so many people whose suffering means naught to you, Ms. Walker. Thousands, millions even, who suffer the cruelties of the patriarchal misogyny which is so common in so much of the world. Unbearably many, who pay for the arrogance of being women, or gays, or dissidents, or Christians, or Muslims, or Jews, with their lives.

Instead, like so many middle-class white Americans (your paying audience, I believe), you carry a torch for the supporters of evil - people who have sworn to cleanse the land of Jews, people whose most fervent desire is to exterminate a nation that has existed for four millennia, whose roots in the soil of the Holy Land go back to the dawn of time. You would endorse Israel being erased from the map with blood - because you have not studied the issues, but have lazily, priggishly, sanctimoniously, swallowed the lies.
You have joined with those who are evil, and those who are intellectually lame, and those with neither wit nor imagination.

Is their company comfortable?

The women who are killed for their family's honor have not heard your voice. The sisters and daughters who are handed over to be raped in repayment of tribal debts in Panjab and Sindh do not hear you speak on their behalf. The Moroccan teenagers married to men they have never seen, and violated on their wedding nights, may despair of you ever understanding their fears and ideals. The pubescent girls sold to leering dotards in the Yemen highlands or the cities of Saudi Arabia - you do not weep for them, you do not listen to them, you do not even feel the weight of their names.

It seems you are obsessed with Jews.

"I want the Israeli government to be made accountable"

Your statement, Ms. Walker, would not ring so hollow if the other side cared more for the lives and well-being of their own people, than they did for the violent deaths of Jews.
As it is, your opinion has a nasty racist flavor.

Your activism is little more than intellectual self-gratification.

It is your vicarious sense of victimization, no matter how false and fondly imagined, that matters most to you. There is something obscene about your pro-Palestinian activism. It is the self-indulgent self-righteousness so common among the superficialists that fuels your indignation.
The convenient and hip cause of the moment is your cause.
You have become pedestrian and unimaginative.

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Anonymous said...

Ooh, so original! Anti-Zionist = anti-Semite, racist, Jew hater. Because we all know there is absolutely NO reason to be criticizing Israel. None whatsoever. Boorish, wrong and on the way out. You're losing and Israel will likely implode on itself, what with all the hate from the right, and the takeover of the Orthodox. Jewish girls saved from Arab boyfriends in Tel Aviv, by jack-booted thugs who patrol the streets. Where's the spin on that?