Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Boycott gathers steam

A friend in Belgium forwards a list of companies and products that the European pro-Palestinian movement intends to boycott, because they are either owned by Jews or do business with Israel.

It is a rather extensive list. Boycotting these companies and their products might have been an extreme hardship, but fortunately, my very good friend Imam Abdullah Shazzbutt has helpfully suggested satisfactory substitutions. Anyone wishing to support the Palestinians should feel free to boycott EVERYTHING on this list, and must use the suggested substitutions instead.


Absolut Vodka ----- Camel
Ahold ----- Camel
Albert Hein ----- Camel
Amando ----- Sheet
Ambi-Pur ----- Sand
Astrolube ----- Camel
Badedas ----- Sand
Baileys ----- Hummus
Balvenie ----- Camel
Barclay ----- Camel
Bayer ----- Sand
Ben and Jerry's ----- Hummus
Benetton ----- Sheet
Biotex ----- Camel
Biotherm ----- Camel
Bistro ----- Hummus
Brylcreem ----- Camel
Burger King ----- Hummus
Calvin Klein ----- Sheet
Calvin klein ----- Sheet
Champion ----- Camel
Chanel ----- Sand
Coca Cola ----- Hummus
Compaq ----- Rock with string
Cullens ----- Camel
Danone ----- Hummus
Delial ----- Sand
Delta Galil ----- Rock with string
Delta Textiles ----- Sheet
DKNY / Donna Karran ----- Sheet
Dobbelman ----- Sheet
Douwe Egberts ----- Hummus
Dunkin' Donuts ----- Hummus
Duyvis ----- Camel
Eden Springs Ltd. ----- Hummus
Elite Halva ----- Camel
Empire Gin ----- Camel
Estee Lauder ----- Camel
Febo ----- Hummus
Fila ----- Sheet
Gap ----- Sheet
Garnier ----- Camel
General Mills ----- Hummus
Giorgio Armani ----- Sheet
Glenfiddich ----- Camel
Glenlivet ----- Camel
Gordon's Gin ----- Camel
GUESS ----- Sheet
Guinness ----- Camel
Haagen-Dazs ----- Hummus
Halva ----- Hummus
Heineken ----- Camel
Heinz ----- Camel
Hema ----- Hummus
Hewlett-Packard ----- Rock with string
Hilton Hotels ----- Sheet
Holiday Inn' ----- Sheet
Huggies ----- Camel
Hugo Boss ----- Sheet
Hustler ----- Camel
IBM ----- Rock with string
Intel ----- Rock with string
J&B whiskies ----- Camel
Jack Daniels ----- Camel
Jello-brand ----- Hummus
Jim Beam ----- Camel
Johnnie Walker ----- Camel
Johnson & Johnson ----- Hummus
Kanis & Gunnick ----- Sand
Kappa ----- Sand
Kenneth Cole Productions ----- Sheet
Kleenex ----- Rock with string
Kotex ----- Rock with string
Kristal Vodka ----- Camel
La mer ----- Sand
Laphraoig ----- Camel
Lassie ----- Camel
Levis ----- Sheet
L'Oreal ----- Camel
Maggie ----- Sand
Marks and Spencer ----- Camel
Mattel ----- Rock with string
Max Factor ----- Sand
Maybeline ----- Sand
Microsoft ----- Rock with string
Motorola ----- Rock with string
Natrena ----- Sand
Neiman-Marcus ----- Camel
Nescafe ----- Sand
Nestle ----- Camel
Neutral ----- Sand
Nokia ----- Rock with string
Odorex ----- Camel
Old Navy ----- Sheet
Packard bell ----- Rock with string
Pickwick Tea ----- Camel
Pizzahut ----- Hummus
Playtex ----- Camel
Prodent ----- Sand
Radox ----- Camel
Ralph Lauren ----- Sheet
Redken ----- Sand
Revlon ----- Sand
Rimmel Londen ----- Sheet
River Island ----- Sheet
Sanex ----- Camel
Sara Lee ----- Hummus
Selfridges ----- Camel
Senseo ----- Camel
Sensuasoft Gentle Heating Lotion for Her ----- Camel
Sheikh Condoms ----- Camel
Smirnoff ----- Camel
Spaten ----- Camel
Sprite ----- Sand
Starbucks ----- Camel
Stegeman ----- Sheet
Tanqueray ----- Camel
Tchibo ----- Sheet
Telefunken ----- Rock with string
Timberland ----- Sheet
Tommy Hilfiger ----- Sheet
Toys R us ----- Rock with string
Trojan (Reservoir Tip) ----- Camel
Van Nelle ----- Camel
Vapona ----- Sand
Victoria's Secret ----- Camel
Vittel ----- Sand
Vroom & Dreesman ----- Sheet
Wonderbra ----- Camel
Zendium ----- Camel
Zwitsal ----- Camel


ABC ----- Al Jazeera
Atlantic Monthly ----- Al Jazeera
Cartoon Network ----- Al Jazeera
CBS ----- Rock with string
Comedy Channel ----- Al Jazeera
Daily Telegraph ----- Al Jazeera
Disney ----- Al Jazeera
Heeb Magazine ----- Al Jazeera
Motorola ----- Rock with string
MTV ----- Al Jazeera
National Geographic ----- Al Jazeera
NBC ----- Al Jazeera
Newsweek ----- Al Jazeera
NY Daily News ----- Al Jazeera
NY Times ----- Al Jazeera
Paramount Pictures ----- Rock with string
Playboy Channel ----- Camel
Trimark ----- Rock with string
U.S. News and World Report ----- Al Jazeera
Washington Post ----- Al Jazeera

It is recommended that you print out this list to keep with you at all times, then turn off your computers (and cell-phones) for the last time and switch over to the recommended 'rock with string' for any future technological needs.
If you are the type that believes in boycotting Israel, you will no doubt find the substitutes more than adequate. Good luck.

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Anonymous said...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Shocking video: the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - Exposed
This two-part short film about the 2009 SF Jewish Film Festival speaks more eloquently than a 100 blog posts about what is wrong with the Film Festival and how important it is that organized Jewish community act to ensure that something like this never happens again under Federation auspices.


...perhaps the most obscene is the treatment of the sole pro-Israel questioner, who was jeered, manhandled and bullied as he tried to, as some are fond of saying, speak truth to power.