Friday, September 4, 2009

Sheikh Salam Hozeil - righteousness is its own reward

There are Jews and Israelis who speak on behalf of Palestinians. Why aren't there Arabs who speak on behalf of Jews and Israel?

Actually, there are. But only a few.

The reason why there aren't more of them is fear.

Arabs who have spoken on behalf of Jews and Israel have been killed, and their womenfolk dishonored. Since the thirties, tens of thousands of Arabs have been slaughtered by other Arabs because they were pro-Jewish or Israel-friendly. The number of the dead is staggering. Speaking on behalf of Jews in the Arab world (even in the European outposts of the Arab world) means death.

Those who have escaped such a fate have, by and large, escaped the embrace of their own communities as well and sought succor in Israel or America. And even then, they are not considered worthy of attention by the many "enlightened" people, because they are clearly at odds with everything that the Arab world has been saying for over half a century, and the ultra-left have been parroting for nearly that long.

Dissidence is a Western prerogative - many ultra-left Westerners disapprove of non-Western dissidence. Especially if it goes against their preconceptions.

[The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was glorious, only bourgeois scum opposed it. Pol Pot's Cambodia was a paradise and represented a new age of peasant power. Che Guevara only killed fascists and imperialist stooges - there were tens of thousands of them, and the poverty and desperation of many of them was a carefully crafted veneer. Stalin was a saint. And the Palestinian nationalists are all peaceful disciples of Ghandhi. Now suck it up!]

Arabs who disagree with right-thinking Europeans and Berkeleyites are worse heathens than Jews and Christians.

Consider the case of Sheikh Salam Hozeil

Hozeil has, for over a year, worked on behalf of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit, demanding his release and speaking at rallies and gatherings.

For just as long, he and his family have been on the receiving end of threats and insults, from anonymous thugs as well as spokesmen from the Arab community.

This past Sunday, his house was firebombed. Miraculously no one was hurt. He and his family are now in hiding.

You will not find mention of Sheikh Hozeil in European newspapers, or in the Berkeley Daily Planet. An Arab who speaks up for a kidnapped Israeli soldier is an inconvenient and disturbing detail which contradicts comfortable points-of-view.
He will not be praised in any Swedish, Dutch, Danish, German, French, or British newspapers. If he is mentioned at all, it will be vituperatively.

Because he dissents from what everyone KNOWS is the accepted truth.

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