Monday, January 14, 2019

Snapshots from concentration camp Gaza: Fish Pedicures

Dry scaly feet?

Its Israel’s fault.

Look no further than Mahmoud Othman’s Gaza café  for the human face of the cruel and inhumane  “siege” of Gaza.

It took a full month for Mahmoud Othman to secure the necessary permits to import hundreds of Garra rufa, better known as  “Dr. Fish”,  for his Gaza spa.

Let that sink in.  A full month.

Its simply inhumane to subject an imprisoned population to a month-long wait for a fish pedicure. It is everyone’s human right to enjoy the life-affirming experience of dipping their feet into tanks full of small flesh eating fish.  Its enshrined by international law. Or in the Universal Declaration of human rights.  Or somewhere.  I’m sure it is.

 If its good enough for the Kardashians, its good enough for Gaza.

From YNET  

“We wanted to introduce a new idea and service at the cafe,” Othman said. “Doctor fish has remedial and recreational sides.”Among the benefits, he believes the treatment “helps the body get rid of negative energy...”

On a recent evening, seven young men sat in a room lit by blue neon lights, pants rolled to the knee and feet dipped into glass tubs. As the tiny fish clustered around their toes, the customers chatted or touched and swiped their smartphones.  “It’s a beautiful thing,” said Mahmoud al-Dairi, who came for the leisure factor.

Othman says 30 to 40 customers a day pay NIS 30 to offer their bodies as free lunch to the tiny fresh-water fish. 

Gaza Fish Pedicures. Evocative of the Warsaw ghetto?

Friday, January 11, 2019

A Tale of Two Restaurants: They go low, we go high.

A tale of 2 restaurants.

Reem’s café and bakery is adorned with a floor to ceiling image of a confessed murderer- Rasmea Odeh,  a convicted terrorist responsible for the deaths of 2 young men in a Jerusalem bombing nearly 20 years ago.   Peaceful vigils by a group of community elders opposed to the glorification of violence were violently attacked by ReemAssil’s staff and patrons.  
Ellen Brotsky of JVP attacking an elderly man at Reems, Fruitvale Oakland

Lara Kiswani of the Arab Resource Organizing Center and Ellen Brotsky with posters
ripped out of the hands of community elders.  
When the physical attack failed to silence their voices,  the police were repeatedly called to break up the vigils.  Ultimately, Reem Assil attempted to take out restraining orders to quash the communities rights to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech.

Contrast and compare

Mannys in San Francisco is under protest by alt-left fringe groups, threatening to run him out of town.

Its not about the artwork Manny has chosen to display- glorious representations of our diverse community.  Its about who Manny is- a proud and  progressive queer Jew who happens to fail the litmus test of political correctness- and accepts the right of the Jewish people to self determination.  Manny’s business has been vandalized with anti-Semitic imagery.  His windows have been broken.
Mannys vandalized with spray painted Jewish star.  Photo from Mission Local 

Manny’s response to the protesters harassing his customers was to invite them in to talk.  They refused.  The community response  has also been open and loving. There have not been violent attacks against the protesters, or attempts to silence their voices.   The community instead has embraced Manny, his shop and his mission.  On Wednesday evenings, the day of the protests, Manny’s restaurant has been packed with patrons, celebrating in the community gathering space that Manny has created. . 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. knew best: "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. "  

The community will continue to respond to these attacks with light and with love. 
Read more about Manny's:
Jewish cafe owner in San Francisco hounded over his ‘Zionist ideals’

Sunday, January 6, 2019

And in other BDS Fail News

Year 17 of the racist and bigoted BDS campaign has closed. So, hows that boycott going for you? 

Lets look at the numbers:

Israeli exports hit a record high of $110 billion in ‎‎2018, up 8% from 2017, buffered by a 56% increase in exports to China, and a  50% increase  to Japan.   Exports to India and Lation America have grown by 27%. 

Over 4 million tourists visited Israel in 2018, a 14% increase from the previous year.  This is the second year of record-breaking tourism to Israel.   That number is certain to increase next year, as Israel hosts the 2019 Eurovision Music Contest.

Performers visiting Israel this year included  Ozzy Osbourne, Alanis Morrisette,  Ringo Star, Julio Iglesias,  Carlos Vives, Enrique Iglesias, The Chainsmokers , CleanBandit and FloRida.

I'm chalking 2018 up as another year of BDS fail.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

"All Jews F**k off and evaporate" found on package at UC Berkeley

Only in the San Francisco Bay area can a man arrested for leaving a fake bomb on campus, emblazoned with the words  "All Jews F**k off and evaporate"  be arrested and  still not be charged with a hate crime.
Last Friday Michael Fleming, 48, brought a box labeled  "Bomb inside" into the UC Berkeley Police Department. Anti-Semitics symbols and phrases covered the box.  The bomb squad later determined the box did not contain explosives.
Surveillance footage from the campus police department led them to Fleming, who continued his anti-Semitic tirades  during his arrest.
According to Berkeleyside:
Fleming remains in custody at Santa Rita with a bail of $10,000. He is scheduled to enter a plea next week Friday, according to county court records online
Michael Fleming, arrested at UC Berkeley
Fleming has not been charged with a hate crime.

The Alt- Left eat their young

The protests at Manny's, a social justice cafe in San Francisco's Mission district have been very limited in scope.  In spite of pleas for "solidarity", the group remains a minuscule fringe of bullies with bullhorns showing up at any given time. 

Not only has JVP ignored the request,  their response has been to promote social justice events at Manny's.  Imagine being too extreme even for JVP?
Lynn Gottleib of the JVP Rabbinic Council promotes event at Manny's

Even at Indybay, the agitprop site of Bay area organizing, commenters have called the protesters out for their hypocrisy and for their antisemitism.

It is laughable for you to falsely accuse Manny's of gentrifying Valencia Street - where have you been the past 30 years, as expensive restaurants and high fashion clothing stores have moved in. Manny's food is provided by the nonprofit Farming Hope, which provides transitional work in its gardens and training in the culinary industry to people experiencing homelessness and poverty. They feature local beers. Black Lives Matter founder Alicia Garza, Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs, and Jason Collins, an openly gay former Basketball player have spoken at Manny's. Talks focused on criminal justice reform and LGBTQ rights are coming up next month. Local treasure Dog Eared Books will provide reading material. This place should be celebrated and supported. 

Fess up: The only thing you care about is that the owner is Jewish and does not advocate for the destruction of Israel. You don't care that his father is an Afghani Jew. You don't care that Manny is openly gay. You don't care that his motivation for opening Manny's is to create a welcoming place for people to gather, to meet, discuss, and become civically engaged. You can't look past his being Jewish. Shame on you.

Even in the shadowy Facepage pages where the Israel-haters congregate, the attacks on Manny's are viewed quizzically.  David , who describes Palestine as his  "main political focus"  considers the boycott "FOS"

Over at the "Gay Shame" (Yes, really) Facebook page, it is asked   "Can anyone explain to me-because I honestly don't understand- how harrassing the owner of a cafe in San Francisco helps Palestinians......"
We are all wondering that, too.

Monday, December 31, 2018

American sentenced to life in prison for selling ‘West Bank’ land to Jews

This is what an apartheid state looks like:

A Palestinian-American has been arrested and sentenced to life in prison with "hard labor" for  selling land to Jews.  Issam Akel, a resident of east Jerusalem, was arrested by Palestinian Authority security forces in October 2018.  A Palestinian court convicted Akel of “attempting to sever parts of Palestinian land and annex it to a foreign state.”   Under Palestinian law, potential sellers must get the Palestinian Authority to sign off on land sales.

Issam Akel is particularly lucky.  Selling land to a Jew is considered a capital offense, subject to the death penalty.

The US Ambassador has called for Akel's release.

From the Times of Israel:

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman has tweeted

“The Pal Authority has been holding US citizen Isaam Akel in prison for ~2 months,” Friedman tweeted on November 28. “His suspected ‘crime’? Selling land to a Jew. Akel’s incarceration is antithetical to the values of the US & to all who advocate the cause of peaceful coexistence. We demand his immediate release.”

Lara Kollab: Cleveland's "Angel of Death"

Lara Kollab's posts on social media were shocking even by today's standards.   The young medical professional had threatened her Jewish patients, tweeting  “hahha ewww.. ill purposely give all the yahood [Jews] the wrong meds…"

Kollab studied at the Tuoro College of Osteopathic Medicine in New York and worked at the Cleveland Clinic as a resident. Over 80,000 Jews make their home in Cleveland.
Lara Kollab likes  "Learning about different cultures"

After Kollab's tweets were exposed by Canary Mission,  a controversial database which tracks white supremacist, neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic and anti-Israel activists, she deactivated her Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

It was too late.   They had all been saved.  Kollab's social media accounts were full of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, Holocaust denial, and garden variety Jew-hate.

The posts went back as far as 2011 and were as recent as 2017.

According to a statement from the Cleveland Clinic:

"This individual was employed as a supervised resident at our hospital from July to September 2018.
She is no longer working at Cleveland Clinic. In no way do these beliefs reflect those of our organization. We fully embrace diversity, inclusion and a culture of safety and respect across our entire health system,” 

To read more about the frightening racism of Lara Kollab, check out:

Lara Kollab Profile at Canary Mission

Cleveland Clinic doctor fired after making anti-Semitic statements online

Antisemitic Doctor Lara Kollab Learns Hard Way That Jew Hatred Comes At a Price

Cleveland Medical resident Fired For Saying She'll Give Jews the Wrong Medicine

h/t DH

Lara Kollab's threatening tweets have gone viral, even making it to the mainstream media, which typically turns a blind eye to anti-Semitism.   Tonight, this appeared on CNN

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Equipto's attack on a progressive establishment in San Francisco

Manny's is a welcoming and inclusive community gathering spot in San Francisco's Mission district.
Its advisory board is reflective of the diversity and values of our local community.

A local musician (member of Bored Stiff ) and a self described "thug", Equipto (given name Illych Yasuchi Sato) has been spearheading an active campaign against Manny's on social media.

Equipto is of Columbian and Japanese heritage and knows little about this conflict, beyond a few  buzzwords, repeated often and with gusto.   Equipto thinks he's  "progressive", yet Equipto's exclusionary racist banter is biased, ignorant and racist.


  Empire? What empire?


"When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking anti-Semitism,” Dr. Martin Luther King.

Yo- Equipto: Zionism is the civil rights movement of the Jewish people.  If you dont believe Jews are entitled to civil rights, well, we have a word for that.



In the world according to Equipto,  Jews, er "Zionists" should be relegated to special parts of the city.  We've seen that before.  Can you say "ghetto"?  I think you can.

The shallow analysis, reductionist, zero sum game of Equipto's tweets have made him today's Anti-Zionist not Anti-Semite of the Day over at Israellycool.

Classy, Equipto.  Classy.    Manny is of Afghani heritage, btw.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Support Manny's. Support Progressive Activism in San Francisco's Mission District.

Opened earlier this year by Emanuel Yekutiel, a former intern in the Obama White House, Manny’s is a community gathering place on the corner of 16th and Valencia St in San Francisco’s Mission District. Inspired by DC based Busboys and poets, the space was envisioned as a coffee shop, restaurant and event space

From Mission Housing:

Sam Moss, the executive director of Mission Housing, said he was excited about the project. “One thing about the affordable housing industry that gets lost in translation is how important our ground-floor spaces are, and should be, to serving the general community’s needs,” he said. Moss said he chose Yekutiel’s business out of a half-dozen other interested parties for precisely that reason. “16th and Valencia should be a hub of empowerment,” he said. “I see this as a way to do it.”

The community was clearly engaged by Emanuel Yekutiel’s vision. His kickstarter raised over $75,000.

From the Kickstarter campaign:

Where can you go to meet and engage socially with civic leaders, advocates, public servants, activists, elected officials, unsung heroes, artists, and poets, and writers, the motivated and the marchers?

Where can you go to plug in civically? To get inspired by your community leaders and hear about the issues that motivate them? To get informed on the fights being waged both here and abroad for a more justice and equitable society? Where can you physically go to take that first step and get involved?

With the help of many people, I am building that place - building it at a bustling intersection in San Francisco, one of the most civically engaged cities in the world. The City of the Summer of Love, of the Beat Poets, of Harvey Milk, and of Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta.

I'm calling it Manny's.

Manny's will be a civic social gathering space that will combine high-quality coffee, tasty food, great beer and wine, a political bookshop, and a large civic event space.

One half of the space is devoted to social: food, drink, and books. The other half will be devoted to civic: a fully functional event space that will hold nightly programming. The bookshop will be run by the 25 year old veterans of the book industry, Dog Eared Books.

It sounds like a perfect fit in San Francisco, and particularly in the Mission district, yet Manny’s is being targeted by some of the most bizarre protests since Cliff’s Variety in the Castro was tormented for daring to sell Israeli seltzer machines.

Its an astonishing level of hypocritical virtue-signaling, even for San Francisco, a city that elevated it to an art form.

Photos from the Lucy Parsons Project on Twitter

The Lucy Parson's Project calls for running the Jew, er, "Zionist", out of town.   Sounds like they are calling for a pogrom.

World salad from Indybay, the Bay Area's own agitprop site calls Manny's a " gentrifying wine-bar, cafe and fake “social justice” space", claiming the existance of this community space will  "accelerate the raising of rents and the displacement of Black, Latinx, disabled and trans/queer people in the Mission."  And worse of all  (is this the real reason for the protest?), they describe Emmanuel Yekutiel as  having "unequivocally espoused racist, Zionist, pro-Israel ideals".

What can you do?   Visit Manny's, on the ground floor of Mission Housing’s Maria Alicia Apartments, 3092 16th St., San Francisco.   Attend some of the sponsored events.  And consider donating here

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Hamas at 31

Hamas turned 31 this year, and they threw themselves a party

All the cool kids came.

They showed off all their new toys, too.

The so called "siege" of Gaza doesn't appear to have effected Hamas's ability to rearm itself.

North Hollywood Chabad threatened

A man holding a machete, with his face covered by a keffiyeh posed in front of the North Hollywood Chabad Friday afternoon, and snapped a selfie of himself

The community was already on edge after last months attack on Orthodox women walking to services.

Rabbi Nachman Abend reported the incident to the police,  “Whenever these things happen it’s a wake up call for everybody and it puts everybody on edge to a certain extent. But we don’t live in fear and we have to continue moving on.”

This is just one of many recent incidents targetting Jewish community institutions, spurred on by the lack of civility  on both the far right and the far left.

A suspect has been arrested.  David Brener, 49, was arrested at 11 p.m. Friday by the LAPD's Major Crimes Division.  

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Pallywood exposed: Another Palestinian blood libel debunked

Welcome to Pallywood.

This photo is making the rounds, with the claim that this 4 year old was shot by Israelis on his way to school.


The truth is far different.  This unfortunate child was hit by a car, and his photo was shamelessly exploited by teams of Israel- haters, unburdened by the constraint of truth or fact-checking.  Hundreds of times

Exposed by blogger IsraellyCool:  
Latest Libel: The 4-Year-Old Boy Shot By The IDF

Learn the truth. 

Expose the lies.  

Palestinian child receives heart transplant in Israel

Dispatches from Israel, the failed apartheid state.

In October, a  desperately-ill six-month-old Palestinian baby received a heart transplant from a Jewish child at Israel’s Sheba Hospital in Ramat Gan. It was the first time the hospital had transplanted a heart to such a young child

Doctors in Ramallah had sent the boy, Musa, to Israel's Sheba’s Safra Children’s Hospital for treatment.

Dr David Mishaly, chief surgeon at Sheba’s paediatric and congenital heart surgery unit, said: “There were several miracles associated with this complicated surgery. There is no such thing in the Palestinian Authority as an organ donor or organ waiting list.
“While organ donor and waiting lists exist in Israel, there was no Israeli baby on the waiting list when Musa was brought to Sheba in very critical condition.
“But by a miracle, Musa was able to receive a new heart from a Jewish child, whose parents had agreed a few hours earlier to the donation.”
Jewish child's heart is donated in effort to save Palestinian baby's life

Palestinian baby clings to life after heart transplant from Israeli child

Sadly, the baby died shortly after the surgery.

JP Morgan: “Israel is not about cost; it’s really about the quality”

Todays BDS fail comes from US financial powerhouse JP Morgan

In an interview with Bloomberg, Yoav Intrator, head of technology operations for JP Morgan in Israel, said the US lender  plans to employ as many as 200 Israeli engineers at its Herzliya office over the next two years.  The financial giant is also setting up a division to engage the start-up nations tech companies that are developing technologies using blockchain and artificial intelligence.
"We analyze our labor and software engineering needs on a regular basis, so it was a very deliberate decision for us to be in Israel,” Larry Feinsmith, JPMorgan’s head of global technology strategy, said in a phone interview. “It’s competitive as the other banks, tech companies and startups are all there.”

Multinational financial companies such as BlackRock Inc., Citigroup Inc., and Toronto-Dominion Bank have also established Israeli offices in recent years, joining tech giants such as Facebook, Amazon, Intel and Apple.

"Israel is not about cost; it’s really about the quality,” Intrator said from the bank’s headquarters, which are sandwiched between Microsoft Corp. and a WeWork site. “What can we do in Israel that’s unique and really help the company in its digital strategy in the long term and not just the short term? That’s the primary driver.”

Read about this  BDS fail here

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Opposition grows against Airbnb's corporate anti-Semitism

Opposition continues to grow regarding Airbnb's decision to delist Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria from their home-sharing app.

On Wednesday, the Berkeley Hills City Council passed a resolution condemning what they described as a "reckless" and  "despicable action".

From the Jerusalem Post

“We find the actions of Airbnb deplorable,” said Mayor Julian Gold. “On behalf of our residents, this unanimous resolution reflects the City Council’s ongoing commitment to Israel and to exposing hatred anywhere it exists.”

“Airbnb is not welcome in Beverly Hills as long as its policies are based on anti-Jewish double standards,” added Vice Mayor John Mirisch. “Jew hatred is a disease. We can try to inoculate others against this malady but we also must protect ourselves against its effects.”

Class action lawsuits  directed against Airbnb are also planned by both Israeli and American hosts and guests. 

Friday, November 23, 2018

Israel Aid (IsraAid) arrives in fire ravaged Butte County

Just like a good neighbor....

Teams from Israel have arrived in Northern California's Butte County, scene of one of the most ferocious fires in modern memory.  

After a request from local communities, IsraAID will work with local partners to conduct a needs assessment of the population in affected areas, promote community resilience and recovery, and distribute relief items to families after the Camp Fire ravaged their community.

From Israel 21C:

Yotam Polizer, the co-CEO of IsraAID, told ISRAEL21c that a team of four Israelis have already flown out to California, and plan to set up operations in Chico, where many evacuees are now living in tent cities, shelters and even sleeping in their cars.

“We’ve seen a lot of disaster zones over the years, but this is a whole different level of devastation. Everything has been burned to the ground, and there are so many people still missing,” said Polizer, who has just returned from California.

“The search and rescue teams aren’t looking for survivors, they are looking for remains. From a psychological perspective it’s on a whole different scale.

“When we talk to local people we see they are getting support, but there’s very little psycho-social support there. That’s where we are planning to focus our efforts.”

IsraAID’s team will include Israeli and US-based mental health specialists, who will work with partner organizations on-the-ground to support affected communities as they recover and promote community resilience.

Read it all here:
Israeli NGO sends aid to California in wake of unprecedented wildfires

As of 2018, IsraAID has responded to humanitarian crises and natural disasters in 47 countries

Airbnb's Corporate Anti-Semitism

After 2 years of intensive lobbying by anti-Israel groups, Airbnb capitulated to the bullies last week, and announced that it would be removing listing of Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria, writing "We concluded that we should remove listings in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank that are at the core of the dispute between Israelis and Palestinians. " Only homes hosted by Jews are affected. There are dozens of land disputes and conflict zones in the world, yet Airbnb has only taken action on this one.

The backlash was swift.

From the Airbnb Community Center Discussion Room
This is the sheerest form of corporate anti-Semitism in recent memory. Not only did AirBNB specifically target “Israeli settlements,” according to Professor Eugene Kontorovich of George Mason Law, they’ve announced that they will only disallow listings in Israeli settlements when those listings are owned by Jews. In other words, if a Jew owns an apartment in East Jerusalem, that won’t be allowed for listing; if an Arab owns an apartment in the same neighborhood, it’s fine for listing.

In the popular media:

From The Spectator:
.Airbnb’s ban on Israeli settlements is shameful

Airbnb has taken the extraordinary decision to stop advertising homes for rent in Jewish settlements in the West Bank. It is extraordinary because Airbnb still advertises places to stay in Tibet, a place many Tibetans consider to be unjustly dominated by China. And in Crimea, recently annexed by Russia. And in Northern Cyprus, a Turkish-ruled statelet since the mid-1970s, which only Turkey recognises as a legitimate state, and to which Turkey has sent huge numbers of settlers in recent decades. Why are Turkish settlers less offensive to the Western conscience than Jewish ones? Why is it OK to rent a holiday apartment in Turkish-settled Northern Cyprus but not in Israeli-settled parts of the West Bank? Anyone?

From the N.Y. Post:
Airbnb says: No Jews allowed. The apartment-sharing service has sided against Israel by banning and delisting the apartments of peaceful Jewish civilians living in Judea and Samaria. And that’s not even the worst part.
Nor is the worst part that Airbnb is helping propel the destructive myth that Jews would abandon their claim to the disputed West Bank if only there were enough international pressure.
No, the worst part is that Airbnb has singled out Jews, and only Jews, as the one group in the world that is worthy of such censure. That’s what makes its boycott a naked act of corporate anti-Semitism.

In social media, people posted screen-shots of deleting the airbnb app on Twitter and facebook

Airbnb’s website claims “Discrimination has no place on our platform.”  But, discrimination now plainly has a major place on Airbnb’s platform, if one happens to be a Jew living or renting a home in the Jewish people’s indigenous, historical and religious homeland, in Judea and Samaria.
Dr. Michael Oren, Israel’s former ambassador to the USA, characterized it best when he tweeted: “Airbnb blacklists Jewish apartments in Judea and Samaria— not Palestinian apartments, not apartments in Turkish occupied Cyprus, in Moroccan occupied Sahara, not in Tibet or the Crimea.  Airbnb’s policy is the very definition of anti-Semitism.  No one should use its services.
How can you help correct this egregious wrong?