Saturday, September 12, 2009

Iran's Sticky Hands

Yemen Military battles "militants" in the north country!

2 excerpts:
The Yemeni military is currently engaged in a large offensive against well-armed, Iranian-backed Zaydi Shiite militants in the north of the country, resulting in over 100,000 people leaving their homes. The Saudis are concerned about the instability spreading inside their borders, and the West as a whole should be concerned about how a militant Shiite enclave in Yemen could give Iran the capabilities to strike inside the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa and shut down traffic through the Red Sea.
The Yemenis have consistently blamed the strength of the militants on support from Iran, a claim supported by their use of the Katyusha rockets often fired by Hezbollah.

I had no idea about this conflict in Yemen. Until now, I had not read nor heard of the Zaydi Shiite militants (militants = PC for Muslims who are violent and well-armed). The Zaydi Shiite terrorists are anti-American Jew haters who want to turn Yemen into a theocracy. The intifada is global, and it's not restricted to inflicting terror on just Jews & Infidels either.

Read the rest of it: Battle on the Arabian Peninsula

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Anonymous said...

Yemenhas often been the location for proxy wars between Muslim powers. Anyone recall that Egypt used poison gas on Yemen in 1963 in their proxy war agaisnt the Saudi monarchy?