Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tutu wishes a pox upon you

Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa seems to believe that guilt is the desirable state of mind of everyone who isn't a black South African.
Or the karmic cousin of a saintly black South African.

In an interview Thursday with Ha'aretz, Tutu, the South African archbishop who is visiting Israel this week as part of the group known as the Elders, said that the West was consumed with guilt because of the Holocaust, "as it should be".
He added "but who pays the penance? The penance is being paid by the Arabs, by the Palestinians. I once met a German ambassador who said Germany is guilty of two wrongs. One was what they did to the Jews. And now the suffering of the Palestinians."
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Do you understand? That means Whitey gotta be guilty for whut he done to dem Jooz, and dem Jooz (other kind of Whitey) gotta be guilty for whut they done to them Non-whitey. Only folks clean and pure are the various types of Non-whitey - all of Whitey guilty of sum'ting.

[Sorry, I can't really duplicate the indignant accent of a sanctimonious cleric, much tho' I tried. You'll just have to imagine him hissing forth his sense of superiority, with profound quivering of flacid jowls. Stand well clear of the flying phlegm.]

Mister Tutu labors under the mis-apprehension that Israel exists BECAUSE of the Holocaust.

He is wrong - Israel exists DESPITE the Holocaust. It's a subtle difference, much like his own particular creed existing BECAUSE of Henry VIII wishing to ditch his clapped-out wives, rather than DESPITE the king's voracious sexual appetites.

Known for his frequent and fierce criticism of Israel, Tutu has compared the suffering of the Palestinians to what black South Africans endured under the apartheid government.
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Indeed, the Palestinians have suffered much because of suicide bombing, bus bombing, and failed attempts at bombing.
If Israel would not throw up security checkpoints and would tear down the security barrier, the Palestinians could travel freely all through the Jewish areas and their explosive mode of self-expression would not cause them any suffering.

[And in support of that argument, I would but mention Munich and Leon Klinghoffer, both stellar examples of Palestinian tolerance and humanity towards Jews that have since been much praised by liberals and enlightened people all over the Arab world, Europe, and South Africa. Had there been too much security precaution and barriers at the time, these beautiful and inspiring prestations could never have happened, and the world would be a poorer darker place. Attention - that was sarcasm.]

Does mister Tutu also lament that the world tolerates terrorism, Arab anti-Semitism, or Arab, Persian, Pakistani, and Malay demands for genocide of the Jews?

I fear not. He seems silent on those issues.
That very silence begets complicity.
As, indeed, he knows.

"It is the silence of the international community in the face of what is happening there which most offends. This silence begets complicity"

[Desmond Tutu, in September 2008, as quoted all over the internet by several horrid sites. No link provided, I do not wish them an increase in traffic.]

Earlier in his life, Tutu was not convinced that guilt was the way to go, favoring extreme poverty and starvation instead - hence his support for the Disinvestment Movement against South Africa - if that meant that poor South African blacks had to bear the brunt, according to Tutu, they would be suffering "with a purpose".

Which no doubt made them very warm inside.

I would suggest that mister Tutu devote his efforts entirely to the problems of the southern part of the African continent - the starvation and guilt approach works marvelously well there, as witness their amelioration of the intractable problems of racism and ethnic strife, child rape, sexual profligacy, brutal torture of prisoners, childhood AIDS, Joburg juvenile prostitution, crime sprees, alcoholism among the poor (it has a purpose), and various other ills.

Just a few more years of purposeful suffering, and they should have those issues thoroughly licked.

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Anonymous said...

He's also quite wrong about the complicity of the Arabs of pre-state Israel in the Holocaust. Others have written here about their leader of that era, the Grand Mufti Al-Husseini (indicted in Nuremburg as a war criminal) , but that is not the end of Arab responsibility. One way was the Arab demands to the British to end Jewish migration to pre-state Israel(of course back by threats of violence). Another was Arab rejection of any political rights for Jews at all, and rejection of any compromise leading to a Jewish state of any size. Had either of those two items been different, had the 1937 Peel Plan of Partition been accepted by thr Arabs,un-told numbers of Jewish lives might have been saved. Bishop Tutu seems to have strongopinions about a subject that he knows precious littl e about.