Friday, September 11, 2009

PIBB - the first month

It has scarce been a month since we started Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers, and already I am receiving hate-mail.
This proves beyond any doubt that we are making a difference.

Yasher koach, guys!

In particular, I wish to mention Snooky B. Wong, author of:

And Steffy 周, who wrote:
As well as:

Also Grant Patel:

Plus, for their excellent in-depth reportage on the Wallach sisters (Darlene and Donna Wallach, encovened in San Jose), Dusty and News Service.

These posts:

Dusty, you know far too much about Donna and Darlene - are they patients of yours? If not, they should be.

And of course the Snark-o-riffic deliciousness from Friar Yid (not Shlita):
Key quote: "Latest reports indicate that JAA is presently looking for a new frontman, preferably someone who both plays bass and is bulletproof."

How true, how true. ;-D
We are ALL looking for someone who plays bass and is bulletproof.

Sofar everything has been both pointed and informative. Good writing from Gland 'X', Fuzzy Pink Fedora, News Servic, The back of the hill, anarcho~Zionist, Friar Yid (not Shlita), Dusty, ViciousKitty.

Keep up the good work, all of you.


Anonymous said...

people must remember that all the infomation from bloggers are from people who are sitting in front of computer far far way with no first hand knowlegde of events . these bloggers attack those who do check the facts and have a code of practise which includes reporting the truth .
good luck sitting in front of your computer and spinning the facts of this conflict to a new level and trying to excuse policies and events which are unjustifible

Steffy said...

who are sitting in front of computer far far way with no first hand knowlegde of events

May I assume that you wrote that sitting in front of a computer far far away with no firsthand knowledge?
Or is it divine revelation?

That might explain why you were unable to use spell-check, of course.

Friar Yid said...


Given that my measly six-paragraph blog post contained no less than 9 news sources (and not a single attack on a single blogger), I must conclude you are a seething illiterate. Might I suggest night classes? Failing that, perhaps you might prefer a soothing walk off a short pier. Preferably while wearing cement-filled combat boots.

Keep rocking in the Free World (which I guess precludes Gaza),

The Friar