Wednesday, September 9, 2009

An open letter to Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Recently a group calling itself 'the elders' visited Israel and the territories, and delivered the predictable and entirely superficial condemnations of those evil Jews..... errrrrm, I mean, of the cruel and despotic theological dictato..... , errrrm mean and rapaciou..... errrm, imperialist hegemonist capitalist running dogs and paper tigers.
Yes, that's it.

Or, as you might call them, the ZIONISTS!
You may flee into your cave and shudder now.

Naturally, the elders' priggish utterances prompted a literate and reasoned response. Several, in fact.
To one of which I would draw your attention.

An open letter to Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Copies to members of The Elders
From Maurice Ostroff
September 8, 2009

"I suggest that one of the most valuable contributions the Elders can make would be investment in "Education towards peace instead of violence" [cut] Such a program is urgently needed in the Israel-Palestine situation because of the cold fact that Palestinians, who have been taught to hate from early childhood and who are continuously exposed to incitement to violence in mosques and in local media, naturally have difficulty in accepting good relations with their demonized neighbors."
End quote.

"The frequently quoted concept of a cycle of physical violence in which one side attacks, the other retaliates and so on is fallacious in that it ignores the essential component of incitement that fuels the vicious cycle. The obvious remedy is to cut off the incitement fuel supply.
Probably, because of lack of knowledge of Arabic, your group remains unaware of the prevalent insidious incitement to hate and to genocide, propagated on official PA State TV as well as in mosques and schools."
End quote.

"Jews are Jews. We must slaughter them and kill them, as per the word of Allah."

Given that both the elders and their target audience are not quite capable of deep and thorough analysis of the situation, NOR likely gifted with the intellectual rigor such requires, the letter is far too long. The only ones likely to read it are Jews. And supporters of Israel.
You know, folks who really dig textual depth.

The letter is also written in English, and will thus go entirely over the heads of many Europeans.

However, since YOU are already here, you might as well go ahead and read it.

And feel free to forward it to your friends.

Even to those of the "revolution now let's kill all of them Jooz" persuasion.
Also tell them to read the other stuff - seeing as some of them may not be quite ready for complex internet navigation, please point them to this link:

Remember, you cannot combat the evil mind-control powers of the Zionists unless you know how they think. Regularly reading complex material will make that goal attainable.

As will, of course, lining your crash helmet with tinfoil. But I presume that you have already done that, yes?



Pardon the totally unintended sarcasm and snark in my commentary above. You see, I am still on a caffeine high induced by my morning coffee and tea. And coffee and tea, as you know, are also part of the Zionist conspiracy - that's why you lot must avoid such beverages.
Please enjoy some cool refreshing water. It's Jew-free.

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