Friday, September 18, 2009

British Boycott - shameless pandering

Perhaps it is time to reconsider our dependence on foreign products. Relying on imports puts us at the mercy of enemy states and foreign supporters of terrorism, and it behooves us to not only NOT support such entities, but to rely on ourselves.

Certain countries, of course, are absolute hotbeds of murderous rage and perversion.
Sometimes due to inbreeding, but more often sheer bloody barbarism.

British trade unions approve Israel boycott

British trade unions approved a boycott against importing goods produced in some Israeli settlements.
The boycott was approved Thursday by the Trade Union Congress at its annual conference. The congress also called for an end to arms trading with Israel and for disinvestment from some Israeli companies.

End quote.


Further quote:
The statement approved by the delegates read: "To increase the pressure for an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian Territories and the removal of the separation wall and illegal settlements, we will support a boycott of those goods and agricultural products that originate in illegal settlements through developing an effective, targeted consumer-led boycott campaign."
End further quote.

Very well.

I shall henceforth avoid ALL products sourced, in ANYWAY at all, from Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, and the Isle of Man. These are the conquered territories where the Anglo-Saxons destroyed the native cultures, raped the land and the people, and imposed their own language and laws.

I weep for the miserable Celts, the brutalized subjects of Anglo greed and savagery.

Poor blue-bottomed victims, indeed.

Irish Whiskey and poetry are more than adequate substitutes for Scotch and the hackneyed doggerel of Burns.
There are plenty of brands of fine marmalade produced in the United States, no need to import anything at all from Dundee.
Tea? The Chinese invented it, the British merely sell the black fermented dregs.
Gin? A Dutch invention, the British version is barely better than aftershave - far too perfumy.

British literature? Good god man, the Brits haven't written anything worthwhile in years!
The last good stuff was when they still had balls and ruled the planet!

Meddlesome morons

The move to boycott and disinvest is a travesty of the historical ideals of the entire British labor movement, scarcely more than a poofling, ignorant, and above all ignoble attempt to spur on conflict.
It does nothing to address the savagery of the Palestinian factions in their ongoing war to exterminate Israel, their Jew-hating agitation, their recalcitrance, and their intractability.
It merely serves to encourage the crypto-troglodytes of the far left, for whom the British Trade Union Congress now serves as a front; the TUC has utterly whored itself to destructive and boorish elements.


Anonymous said...

While the rest of the allies in WWII fought the Nazis, the British also diverted a part of their resources to fight Jewish refugees seeking to emigrate to pre-statre Israel. The British, in a weaselly bit of appeasement of the Arabs (to no effect of course) agreed to limit Jewish emigration, even if it meant firing on un-armed ships of Jewish refugees and imprisoning them in Cyprus behind barbed wire. This inhuman brutality continued for three years after the war had ended and the full horrors of the Holocaust had been revealed. The Jews weren't released from British Prison camp until 1948. With that in mind,why would one solicit a British opinion about Israel anyway?

Anonymous said...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Shocking video: the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - Exposed
This two-part short film about the 2009 SF Jewish Film Festival speaks more eloquently than a 100 blog posts about what is wrong with the Film Festival and how important it is that organized Jewish community act to ensure that something like this never happens again under Federation auspices.

...perhaps the most obscene is the treatment of the sole pro-Israel questioner, who was jeered, manhandled and bullied as he tried to, as some are fond of saying, speak truth to power.