Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Protest at the Swedish Consulate — Demand Condemnation of the Blood Libel!
Wednesday September 2, 2009.
TIME: 5:00 - 6:00 PM.
120 Montgomery Street (at Sutter), San Francisco.

Action alert:

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And remember, we represent the intelligent and good side in this matter. It is up to us to show that discourse and differences of opinion can be civil. So please, do not burn Ikea catalogues, or pelt the facade of the building with rotten herring.
Do, however, express yourself clearly and forcefully.
Thank you.


GRANT!PATEL! said...

Please not to be burning any Swedish chefs. Let the chicken beat him up.

---Frog Kermitsen

Anonymous said...

Fouty people standing peaceful with signs and flags. Ho hum.

So tell me again why couldn't we burn Ikea catalogues and pelt the facade of the building with rotten herring?

Ahmed the mad Dutchman said...

So tell me again why couldn't we burn Ikea catalogues and pelt the facade of the building with rotten herring?

Because unlike burning flags, which is a legitimate form of protest, especially IF the flag is American or Israeli, and also IF the pyromaniac is Arab, Socialist-European, or Berkeleyite, burning an IKEA catalogue is mere vandalism, and attacks the fundaments of inter-state commerce.
We encourage IKEA to carry US and Israeli flags, by the way. We wish to thus promote their participation in inter-state commerce.
Their Svenska herring products, meh, not so much.

As far as herring is concerned, the Swedes are mediocre minor players, and carpetbaggers in Dutch and Flemish fishing grounds in any case. Who the heck buys SWEDISH herring products?!? Swedish culinary preferences? Hooha! Ick poo!
As a side note, I move that the entire North-Sea be declared a traditional native Netherlandish fishing ground, and all other carpetbaggy nations be excluded from harvesting seafood there. ESPECIALLY the Scandinavians!

Next time, we should construct an effigy of faux-reporter Donald Bostrom out of salt cod, and hang it. If building management can't remove it in a timely manner (superglue - it's not just for breakfast anymore!), the seagulls and carrion eaters will discover it and spread fragments up and down the street.