Saturday, May 30, 2015

Palestinians resort to snake warfare

The Palestinians are going low tech in their war against the Jews. 

Israeli soldiers found a snake tied by its tail at the top of a barrier when they tried to seek shelter from rioting Palestinians

Photo via Ma'an

From the Times of Israel:

Palestinian rioters from a village near Ramallah may have tried to use a new weapon against Israeli security personnel on Friday: serpents.

Rioters threw stones and bottles at Israeli forces before the soldiers advanced toward the concrete cover, encountering the snake.

The soldiers suspected that the snake, which they initially believed to be a venomous viper, was tied to the block by rioters with the aim of startling, or even injuring, an Israeli.
Closer examination found that it was an Asian Racer, a non-venomous serpent with similar colorings to the deadly Palestine Viper.
“We’re witness to different and varied attempts to harm soldiers, and in this case as well awareness prevented it,” border police officer Aharon Moyal, who commanded the force, told Ynet.

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