Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Amnesty International says Hamas abducted, tortured and killed Palestinians in 2014

Amnesty International has documented egregious human rights abuses committed by the terror group Hamas against its own citizens. The report, Strangling Necks’: Abduction, Torture and Summary Killings of Palestinians by Hamas Forces During the 2014 Gaza/Israel Conflict documents incidences of  Hamas's torture and murder of Palestinians during last summers' conflict

Those targeted by Hamas included members of the Fatah party and people accused of "collaborating" with Israel.  23 Palestinians were shot and killed by Hamas. 6 of them were publicly executed. 3 others died in custody shortly after their arrest. Dozens more were arrested and tortured.

According to Amnesty International:

Many of the arrests looked more like abductions – with armed men in civilian clothes,
sometimes masked, who did not present identification or a legal basis for arrest, forcing the
suspects into a car and taking them to locations unknown to their families. The suspects
would often be beaten in the car and the beatings would continue at the place of detention
and during the interrogation.

Testimonies gathered by Amnesty  indicate that victims of torture were beaten with truncheons, gun butts, hoses, wire, and fists. Others were also burnt with fire, hot metal or acid.

Read the full report here.

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Anonymous said...

As someone who used to live in Belfast, I avoid reading news about Israel
in the Irish press as it is so hateful and one sided. It was refreshing to stumble
across this http://eirael.blogspot.com/2015/05/an-analysis-of-media-narratives-on.html
reading here and this, made my day. Thank you.